Pokemon GO “Heritage Season” opens.Introducing a pseudo-season pass-Engadget Japanese version

Pokemon GO’s new season “Heritage” has begun. It starts on December 1st and lasts for three months until the finale of the big event “Pokémon GO Tour: Johto Region” at the end of February.

At the same time as the start of the new season, in addition to the Johto tour, the community day schedule for January and February, the monthly time challenge like a season pass, “Swinub’s Day”, “Mystery of the Tower of Ryu Rasen”, “Pokemon GO” New events such as “Holiday” were announced at once.

The “Naughty Season” that ended at the end of November was about pursuing the mystery of Hoopa, the “Naughty Pokemon.” This season’s story begins with Dr. Willow discovering a mysterious door with three unlocking devices in the depths of an old cave.

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Season pass style monthly time challenge

The feature of this season is that a monthly time challenge with a one-month deadline will be prepared. There are 15 stages of time challenge in small steps, and by clearing all of them, you can get limited items such as avatar costumes “Monoz Hat” and “Goomy Hat”.

The tasks at each stage are simple, only the amount of Pokemon captured in December, XP in January, and Pokemon in February.It progresses little by little just by playing regular play or other eventsIt has become so popular that it is often used in free-to-play battle games.A mechanism similar to a season pass or battle passis.

Anyone can participate in the December Time Challenge for free,January and February are only for pre-purchased tickets for the paid event “Pokémon GO Tour: Johto Region”.. The Johto Tour ticket content includes two time challenges.

The Time Challenge also includes monthly bonuses such as “Double the Hoshinosuna you get from the first Pokemon capture of the day”.

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The December edition, which has already begun, is the “Hoshino Sand Challenge” in charge of Blanche. With 500 Hoshinosuna, you can get 10 monster balls, 120,000 happy eggs and a monoz hat.

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“Numera Hat” for January (XP Challenge) in charge of Spark and “Onbat Cap” for February (Get Challenge) in charge of Candela are all clear rewards. Only for players who have pre-purchased Johto Tour tickets by February 10th.

Replace wild eggs. Season bonus lasting 3 months

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This is the subtly sensitive “season bonus”. The candy XL confirmation is good news, especially for players who are engaged in interpersonal battles. The increase in the effect of the sickle and the increase in the damage of the remote raid also had an aspect of home support due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection.

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Wild Pokemon for each habitat such as cities and forests, 2km / 5km / 10km and 5km / 10km on foot Egg hatching tables have also been updated by season switching. Pokemon that appear in the northern and southern hemispheres include seasonal Pokemon such as Delibirds.

January / February Community Day Notice

In addition to the already announced December Community Day, only the dates for January 16th and February 12th have been announced. Although the content is unknown, it is a thankful response for players who may play hard with a schedule.

Community Day in December is two days, 18th and 19th. The Pokemon picked up on Community Day last year and this year will reappear, and you can learn limited moves.

The finale Johto tour will be from February 26th to 27th.

The “Heritage Season” will be followed by events and stories for the big event “Pokémon GO Tour: Johto Region” at the end of February.

The last “Pokémon GO Tour” event was held in February 2020. The appearance Pokemon had a different taste depending on the red ticket and the green ticket.

Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Regional Event Summary.Loose capture guide

The official has prepared a new season summary page for the mechanism of the season, appearance Pokemon, and event schedule.

Heritage Season – Pokémon GO



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