Pokemon GO “Spheal” Community Day held. XP 3x and “Icicles” Walrein –Engadget Japanese version

Pokemon GO’s monthly event “Community Day”, January 16th (Sunday), a large number of ice-cold and water-type “Tataki Pokemon” spheals will occur.

The bonus is 3 times the XP when capturing Pokemon. This is an opportunity to proceed with the “XP Challenge” that will continue until the end of January.

Pokemon GO Spheal Community Day Event Overview (January 2022)

Date and time


  • Many spheals appear in the wild

  • Evolved into Walrein to learn “Konayuki” and a new move “Icicle Bari” (from the start of the event to 19:00)

  • XP 3 times when capturing Pokemon

  • The effect of lure and oko lasts for 3 hours

  • Surprise with GO snapshot (appears on the map after reflection)

  • 120 yen special research “Unravel the Clap Pokemon!” Is in stock

  • Free boxes containing 30 hyperballs are in stock

Pokemon GO

“Icicles” learned by the evolution to Walrein is a powerful move that first appeared in Pokemon GO. Walrein, who is highly energy efficient and has not been blessed with intentions, becomes a leading Pokemon in the interpersonal GO battle league at once.

“Pokemon GO Tour: Johto Region” scheduled to be held at the end of February is a large-scale event that will be the finale of the “Heritage Season” that started in December. Players who pre-purchased tickets by January 10th will have the right to challenge the “XP Challenge” that will continue until the end of January.

“XP Challenge” is a content that you can get various rewards such as avatar item “Numera Hat” by earning a cumulative total of 240,000 XP by the end of January. Even if you are not interested in Spheal or Walrein for battle, mass outbreak + triple capture XP is a great chance to advance the challenge at once.

Tickets for “Pokemon GO Tour: Johto Region” are on sale.A large event to re-experience gold and silver

This month, in addition to the regular Community Day, a reprint of the events held in the past, “Community Day (Reprint): Bulbasaur,” will be held.

Reprint Community Day is not only nice for new and returning teams, but it is also a meaningful event for trainers who have been playing for many years now with new elements such as mega sinkers and XL candy.

Reprint Community Day at Pokemon GO, Bulbasaur outbreak on January 22

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