[Pokémon GO]7 Pokemon to do in the Electric type event! Collect the strongest Pokemon in the raid! | AppBank

From 10:00 on January 27th to 23:59 on February 5th, we will present 7 Pokemon that you should make during the electric type Pokemon event held in “Pokémon GO (Pokémon GO)”.

7 Pokemon you should do during an Electric type event

The “Electricity Type Event” will take place from 10:00 on January 27th to 23:59 on February 5th.

During the electric type event, many Pokemon that you don’t normally see will appear, and there are many Pokemon that can become a powerful fighting force by advancing their training.

So, in this article, we will introduce the Pokemon that you should definitely do during the Electric type event.

Champion of the Hyper League. Hunt down Togekiss and Giratina!

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