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Pokemon GO(Pokémon GO) ”has the latest information on feature updates and remote raid paths.

What is a social function?

Today, May 20, 2022 (Friday), from the official “Pokemon GO”New social featuresandRaid battle rewardsFuture revision of the contents of 1 Poke coin boxInformation about has been released.

Many people may not understand what the term “social function” is, but in short, this change isInteraction function between usersIt seems that there is no problem thinking about it.

specifically”Convenient communication between trainers」「Make it easier to discover new communities」「Enjoy more local raid battlesThere are merits such as.

Also, as a change in the raid battle, “Mega Energy” and “Ame XL” will be available at Rewards. It may be possible to obtain “Mega Energy” other than “Mega Raid”.

Furthermore, from May 23 (Monday), the contents of the item box that can be exchanged for 1 pocket coin at the shopBig changeAlso notified that will be added. It has been announced that the “Remote Raid Pass” will disappear from the box and that a different raid will be available each time.

In addition to the abolition of the distribution of “Remote Raid Pass”, the phrase “last two years” is used at the end, and this change includes the nuance of “undoing the change of the new coronavirus disease”. maybe. Perhaps the “new coronavirus” is a thing of the past in Niantic?

However, there is still the possibility that “remote raid path distribution” will be done in some way. Stay tuned for future information.

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