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Introducing the list of Pokémon used by Team Rocket leaders (operators), updated in “Pokémon GO” at 00:00 on February 1st.

List of Pokemon used by Arlo

1st (fixed) 2nd animal (random) 3rd (random)
Nidoran♂ Crobat

List of Pokemon used by Cliff

1st (fixed) 2nd animal (random) 3rd (random)
coil Venusaur
Shark Magic

List of Pokemon used by Sierra

1st (fixed) 2nd animal (random) 3rd (random)
Dunbal Lapras
Shark Magic

The first Pokemon appears in a chance to get

Shadow Danbal, Shadow Nidoran♂, and Shadow Coil used by Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra as their first creatures can appear in different colors.

From the point of view of using it as a fighting force in the raidshadow dumbbellWhenshadow coilChoosing these carefully will result in a significant increase in combat power, so it might be a good idea to focus on Cliff and Sierra.

By the way, these three Shadow Pokémon can appear in different colors, so if you’re a Trainer filling up your Pokédex, it might be a good idea to battle them consecutively during the event (you can even get 12km Eggs!) !

The current line should last for about 3 months if it goes as usual, but there is a possibility that it could change suddenly, so we recommend that you carefully choose the Shadow Pokemon you want as soon as possible !

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