[Pokémon GO]Decided to implement Mega Jupeta and different colors of Galal desmas! Halloween event details part 1 announced | AppBank

Early in the morning on October 14th, the content of the Halloween event part 1 was announced on the official “Pokémon GO” website.

The Halloween 2022 event is split into a first half and a second half

The content of the announcement this time is as follows.

  • Period: 20 October (Thursday) 10:00 to 27 (Thursday) 10:00
  • Mega Juupetta appears in Mega Raid (first action)
  • Implementation of different colors of Onbat and Galal des Mass
  • You can buy a ticket which allows you to take part in a paid time challenge (details are described later)
  • Special research is carried out which is limited to events. You can learn more about Desmas and Galal Desmas
  • In the wild Zubat, gorse, ghost, Itomaru, Yamikarasu, Muuma, Yamirami, Kagebouzu, Samayor, Absol, Huwante, Desmas, Gobit, Bokley, Bucketcha
  • Desmas, Galal desmas, Bokley, Gobit, and Ombat hatch from 7km eggs obtained during the event. Ombats that hatch from eggs have a greater chance of being different colors than wild ones.
  • Current Halloween poses have been updated to include stealthy forward movement
  • New avatar items added to the in-game store
  • PokéStops and Gyms get a Halloween look
  • Field screen BGM changed to Zion Town theme
  • Double the amount of candy when catching a Pokemon
  • Double the amount of Pokemon Candy you get when your Pokemon hatches
  • Double the amount of candy when sending Pokemon to the teacher
  • Trainers with Trainer Level 31 or higher can get Candy XL by walking with their Pokemon Buddy.
  • Giratina (Other Form) acquired from 10:00 on October 20th to 10:00 on November 1st will learn Shadow Dive as a special technique.
  • ★Yamirami, Choroneko, Desmas, Galal desmas, and Bokley appear in 1 raid battle
  • ★ Gengar, Blackie, Fuwaride, and Drapion appear in 3 raid battles
  • Giratina (Other) Appears in Legendary Raid Battles
  • Mega Jupetta Appears in a Mega Raid Battle
  • Kagebozu, Yomawar, Desmas, Galal Desmas, Bokley, Gengar Mega Energy, and Absol Mega Energy are available from event-exclusive field research rewards
  • For a Paid Time Challenge

    The details of the above mentioned paid time challenge are as follows.

    • There are two types of tickets: a $1 ticket and a $5 ticket. One or both can be purchased
    • Desmas and Galal Desmas appear as prize prizes of $1 tickets
    • $5 tickets offer prizes like bonus Pokemon candy, additional Halloween-themed tasks, dress-up poses, and more
    • Both Time Challenges are available until 10:00 on November 1st.

    Since “Part 1” is the Halloween event to be held this time, it seems that Part 2 will start from 10:00 on the 27th.

    Based on the content and timing of the annual event, it feels like the Team Rocket event is coming soon, so let’s wait for the next report while continuing to train your Pokemon!

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