[Pokémon GO]In addition to Hoopa, there is a great horse bonus happening!? I tried Epic Raid for the first time! | AppBank

From 11:00 on October 16th, we will present how you played the Epic Raid of “Tokiwa Tareshi Hoopa” held in “Pokémon GO”.

The first time I took on Hoopa! How difficult is the Epic Raid?

A new element, Epic Raid, started on October 16th, and “Tokihanareshi Hoopa” appeared as a raid boss.

Tokiwa Tareshi Hoopa has already been implemented about a year ago, but this is the first time he appears as a raid boss.

▼ Whoa

And since the difficulty level of the Epic Raid is officially described as “challenging”, I’m very curious about the actual difficulty level.

So, in this article, I really challenged the Epic Raid!

▼I chose Ueno Park as the stage for the first Epic Raid, which I have been indebted to during Community Day. Only one holy place of “Pokémon GO”, and many epic quests take place.

▼ You are the main character today!

When I arrived at the site, many trainers were already waiting. Remote participation is not possible, so I’m happy to remember the raid event from a long time ago. This is the real pleasure of “Pokémon GO”!

Epic raids are specially designed and quite difficult!

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