[Pokémon GO]Is it easy to aim for different colored guesses? List of field research limited to steel type events | AppBank

From 10:00 on September 16th to 20:00 on September 21st, we will introduce Pokemon of different colors that we aim for during the “Steel Type Pokemon Event” held in “Pokemon GO”.

During the Steel-type Pokemon event, you have a great chance to get precious Pokemon with different colors.

The limited field research for steel type events is as follows.

  • “Catch 5 Pokemon” →coil
  • “Catch 5 Pokemon” →Nasal pass
  • “Catch 5 Pokemon” →Tesshied
  • “Catch 10 Pokemon” →Kunugidama
  • “Catch 10 Pokemon” →mogrew
  • “Catch 15 Pokemon” →Dunbal
  • “Strengthen Steel Type Pokemon 5 times” →Togedemaru
What should be cleared with priority in the field research during the steel type event?

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