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Pokemon GO(Pokémon GO) ”has released the latest update of“ Mega Shinka ”.

No mega energy consumption after the second time!

Today, April 26, 2022 (Tuesday), new update information of “Mega Shinka” was released in “Pokemon GO”!

until nowConsume “Mega Energy” for each mega sinkerIt was a system, but this has changed.“Mega Energy” is not required for the second and subsequent mega sinkersIt will be.

It seems that it is a nice update for those who have not found the significance of participating in Mega Raid so far, such as the implementation of the further replay element “Mega Level” and the simplification of Mega Raid.

This update is currently implemented in Australia and New Zealand. It will be implemented soon in other regions including Japan.

■ Update contents

[Major updates]

  • Difficulty down of Mega Raid except for some.Easy to participate even with a small number of people
  • Changed to enable mega sinker from raid battle and battle preparation screen
  • Pokemon that have been mega-sinkered in the past can be confirmed from the Pokemon information page
  • A new element “Mega Level” is applied to Pokemon that have been mega-sinked.”Mega Energy” is required for Mega Shinka only once

[About Mega Energy]

For the second and subsequent mega sinkersNo need for “Mega Energy”It will be.

  • Pokemon get tired after doing a mega sinker, so you need a break before you can do a mega sinker next time.
  • When the break time is over, you can re-mega sink without using “Mega Energy”
  • “Mega Energy” can also be used to shorten breaks. If you use “Mega Energy” to make Pokemon mega-sinker, the break time of Pokemon will be shortened.
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[About mega level]

Every time you make a Pokemon a mega sinker, the “mega level” rises. Every time the Pokemon’s “mega level” goes up, you can get more bonuses, and this bonus seems to be effective even during Pokemon’s mega sinker.

There are various bonuses at each stage of “Mega Level”, and the contents vary depending on the Pokemon. The higher the “mega level”, the better the bonus content.

The new bonus isRed wordNotated by

  • Increased “Pokemon Candy” to be acquired when catching the same type of Pokemon as the Mega-Sinked Pokemon
  • If you send out a mega-sinker Pokemon in a raid battle or gym battle, the power of the Pokemon of other trainers who are fighting in the same raid battle or gym will increase.If it is the same type of move as a mega-sinker Pokemon, its power will increase further.
  • Increases the chance of getting “Ame XL” when catching the same type of Pokemon as the Mega-Sinked Pokemon.
  • Increases XP earned when catching the same type of Pokemon as a mega-sinker Pokemon
  • When the “mega level” goes up, the break time of the “mega sinker” is shortened.

Also mentioned in the developer diary

This update is also mentioned in the developer diary.

Although the event itself is held, do not go to densely populated areas, wear a mask and wash your hands thoroughly, and take self-defense measures against viruses. You can play games at home, such as using Oko, remote raid battles, and playing GO Battle League, so let’s enjoy “Pokemon GO” while avoiding unreasonable going out.

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