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“Pokémon GO”, the 117th revival of the artist’s drawing quiz!

Higher difficulty this time

This illustration project was launched as a special project at the beginning of 2020. Revived at the request of the readers, this timeChapter 117.

In this project, phi, the author, sees a Pokemon picture drawn by AppBank.net author edamame, and guesses the Pokemon.

Recently, I’ve changed my mind and turned it into a silhouette quiz instead of a drawing quiz.

By the way, this is the content of last time.

The last time I jumped off … nothing, but when I got out of a certain place, it was a certain thing.

What is this week’s theme?


It looks like it will appear in Denjarasuji-san

To this, the artist replied:

There is a feeling of CoroCoro comics (lol)

The hand (?) feels like that!

He’s a humanoid… I think there’s probably no mistaking it, but…Isn’t this too difficult?

MaybePatterns that aren’t Pokemon yetsing…….

Then the artist said:

This time it can be a little difficult.
Difficulty level A (from E to S).

Relatively difficult!?

Besides, he didn’t deny that it was something other than Pokémon. Is it a human pattern this time…?

If,assuming you are humanIt’s a story about what you can see from this silhouette.

It’s probably a ball in your hand.

The picture is a little (?) broken, so if you can correct it in your head, the answer may emerge. I think vaguely.

The number of problems has increased!!

Where there is something like hair, it is concerned that the top is flat. What are you wearing, or are you wearing a hat?

Well, what is the answer that the author derived from this study? (Readers, think about it together.)

A long building and something coming out of it!

The answer I got from here is…

This is……”Dr. Willow returns from Ultra Hall“isn’t it!

Well, the correct answer is…?

Anyone know? (smiling

I do not understand…!

I’m Spark, the leader of the yellow team.


Come to think of it, you recently had a makeover at Fashion Week. The image was completely stable in the previous appearance.

It’s not just about your appearance, it’s also made you look smaller.

for sure! It gave me a very different impression.

So for this week’s quiz, the correct answer is “Leader of Team Instinct Spark (Fashion Week)“was

By the way, there is a “Spark” in this game.

On a different note, we are still collecting pictures at the moment. If you have a Pokemon you’d like to illustrate, everyone, don’t hesitate to submit a theme within the bounds of common sense!

So that’s it for this week’s silhouette quiz!

Stay tuned for next time!

The latest article of the painter drawing quiz

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