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Pokemon GO(Pokémon GO)), the “Winter Wonderland” event in “Winter Event 2022” will end today, Sunday, December 25, 2022.

Let’s go out for a walk!

In the “Winter Event 2022” held from December 15, 2022 (Thursday), the ongoing “Winter Wonderland” will end today, December 25, 2022 (Sunday).

A new collection challenge will be introduced in the “Winter Wonderland” event within the event. By clearing by 20:00 today, December 25 (Sunday),Barrier (Galal no Sugata)” available. It’s until tonight, so don’t forget the strategy!

Also, as an event bonusSpecial exchange limit increased by 1As well asThe duration of “Let’s walk” increased from the usual 15 minutes to 30 minutesDo.

Especially for walking, it will be easier to aim for “Thunder (Galal figure)”, “Fire (Galal figure)”, and “Freezer (Galal figure)”, so use it when you go out Don’t forget!

After this event, if you trade Pokemon caught before 2017, it will be guaranteed to be ‘Glitter Pokemon’ up to the maximum limit (15). This will be permanent, so when trading with friends in the future, it might be a good idea to be aware of the Pokemon you caught before 2017.

[Cyfnod digwyddiad]
Winter Festival: December 24, 2022 (Sat) 10:00 – December 25 (Sun) 20:00
Part 2: 23 December 2022 (Friday) 10:00 – 31 December (Saturday) 20:00

[Cynnwys Gŵyl y Gaeaf]

  • Increases the number of “special exchanges” that can be made per day by 1
  • During the event, the effect of going out for a walk is increased to 30 minutes.
  • Limited collection introduced.You can get “Galal Barrier” etc by clearing
  • From now on, the guaranteed number of glitter Pokemon will increase from 10 to 15 at all times.
  • From now on, if you trade a Pokemon caught before 2017, it will change to become a Super Pokemon until the limit is reached.

[Cynnwys y digwyddiad (Rhan 2)]

  • Eevee wearing a holiday hat, Vaporeon, Sanders, Booster, Espeon, Blacky, Leafeon, Glacia, Nymphia, Tsunbear wearing a ribbon
  • The number of gifts that can be stored until the end of the event is increased to 40
  • A limited event challenge is completed.Grief Barriers are now available as reward rewards
  • A jade based raid day will be held on December 24 from 14:00 to 17:00 (details will be described later)
  • Winter Carnival Pikachu, Holiday Eevee, Urimu, Ribbon Derived, Yukiwarashi, Tamazarashi, Yukikaburi, Bunipucci, Ribbon Kumashun, Kachikoru, Alolan Sand, Odoshishi, and Freegio appear in the wild.
  • Newra, Muthur, Amalus, Kachikor, and Maken Crab hatch from 7km eggs.
  • ★ Winter Carnival Pikachu, Alolan Sand, Holiday Eevee, Galaldar Makka, and Ribbon Kumashun appear in 1 raid battle.
  • ★ Parshen, Lapras, Ribbon Delibird, and Christmas Glaceon appear in 3 Raid Battles
  • Kyurem Appears in the Legendary Raid Battle (learns Frozen World)
  • Mega Onigori Appears in Mega Raid
  • Winter Carnival Pikachu, Alolan Sand, Powwow, Shellder, Rougera, Holiday Eevee, Ribbon Derived, Ribbon Kumashun, Makenkani, Neura, Christmas Glaceon, and Mega Energy Yukinooh are only available from event field research.
  • New dress up items appear in the in-game store
  • New Stickers from PokéStops, Gifts, and In-Game Shops

The event itself will take place, but let’s protect ourselves from the virus by not going to populated areas, wearing a mask and washing our hands and gargling thoroughly. You can play games at home, such as using incense, remote raid battles, and playing GO Battle League, so enjoy “Pokémon GO” while avoiding unreasonable going out.

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