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Pol.Col. Another person thousand pay tribute to the labor. Kanchanaburi.

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Not yet over, the police knot eats “tribute” the process of bringing illegal workers after “genius” media appointments prepare to report the prosecution of the police. Lieutenant-General Lieutenant General of the Royal Thai Police 7 refrains from performing duties. Police chief of Kanchanaburi Province reveals police in Sangkhlaburi were complained by the Security Service After expanding the arrest of illegal labor process Found the place to stay in Sangkhlaburi, while the police officer has been suspended In addition, 3 other police officers, Yos, Ror. 1, Mr. Pratuan, 2 were transferred to the police officer of Kanchanaburi Province. With the establishment of a committee to investigate serious discipline, while the Deputy Chief of Police 7 revealed that another Police Lieutenant Colonel is still in the process of investigating the connection to claim benefits or not Along with reiterating the police taking the case according to their duties Who will sue or accuse any agency, depending on him.

From the case of Major General Kasana Jamsawang, Deputy Chief of Police Por 7, Major General Woranan Sukcharoen, Ph. Announcing the results of the operation of arresting illegal items, including the smuggling of migrant workers that became the catalyst for the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, before announcing the action against the police in connection with the tribute to migrant workers in the area. 7. According to the genius Ruangrattanaphong The president of the crime victims aid club exposes Maj. Gen. Kasana said An order to appoint a police fact-checking committee Police Dept., Kanchanaburi Province, Pol. Police Officer 1, Division 1, ordered the suspension of government service and set up a serious disciplinary investigation committee. It was ordered to appoint a serious disciplinary investigation committee, three more police officers, and moved outside the area. But the genius posted on Facebook “Crime Victim Aid Club” is preparing to report the accusation of the police. Pol. Lieutenant General, under the Royal Commission 7, on the basis of acting against the illegal car trade movement. And unloading illegal labor

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Progress on December 26, Pol. Maj Gen Woranan Sukcharoen, Ph.D., Kanchanaburi Province Revealed the disciplinary action with the police, the rank of Lt.Col and the DAD that, since September 30, the Security Agency made a letter reporting the defect in the performance of Pol. In Sangkhlaburi, on land, Kanchanaburi province. Investigate And has an order to Police colonel stationed Kanchanaburi Province So that the Investigation Committee can investigate the area with ease On the issue of coordination in the integration of work And the inefficiency in carrying out duties in regards to drug control and illegal immigration workers. Due to the expansion of the arrest of the neighboring agencies leading the fleeing labor movement Found that the origin of Sangkhlaburi

The Chief of Police, Kanchanaburi Province said that during the investigation Pol. Pol. Said the person. Moved to other provinces But the disciplinary investigation continues and the Police Commissioner in Kanchanaburi Province will expedite the investigation to reach a conclusion as soon as possible. The case is in the process of setting up the Serious Disciplinary Investigation Commissioner. In addition, three additional members of the Serious Disciplinary Disciplinary Commission of Sangkhlaburi were also set up, and 2 others are now ordered to move all 3 officers. Duty at Kanchanaburi Province

Maj. Gen. Woranan said that For arresting foreign workers escaping into the city We have tried to track down and arrest people who provided shelters. We will expand all results. There is a social development and human security officer (MD) to assist in screening questions. Recent arrests that do not qualify for human trafficking But every case when arrested confirms that it will be extended to all participants. Along with mentioning the post of the crime victims aid club that As for anyone opening a press conference or taking any action in the future I have to confirm that he is acting in good faith. Ready to listen to advice or be ready to listen to all-round information to be used in practice for the common good. We are civil servants ready to comply with the law For the benefit of Thailand and society as a whole

Maj.Gen. Gen. Kasana Jamsawang, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police 7, mentioned the actions against the police who were complained that This time it has been implemented, and Pol. Pol. Is in Sangkhlaburi. The old man moved to the Isan region as a normal move. In the process of setting up a disciplinary investigation committee on the complaint, another policeman who is also in the border area, moved to Kanchanaburi, is in the process of investigating the fact that there is any connection to the claim for benefits or not. Haven’t disclosed or can’t confirm anything. As for the matter posted by the president of the club to report the law, or any agency, the matter of Mr. Genius, we only do the case.

Pol. Pol. Somkiat Chomwai, the police officer of Muang Kanchanaburi Police Station, recently moved from the Police Commissioner of Sai Yok. Mentioning the duty period Police Officer Saiyok He works with local agencies. News about catching a cigarette is a normal operation. As for the story that has been spoken about the performance of duties They have no opinion Because after the news, the facts were explained to the supervisor Let it be the power to Consider the next supervisor

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