Pol.Lt.T. Krang kicked the top of the driver’s chest, urging the car to not carry the police officer’s retirement party.

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13 Jan 2022 19:32

S.T.T. Krang jumps and kicks the driver’s top Central Lamphura Municipality The head hit the table, swollen, swollen after not giving the key to the truck to carry the table-chair of the municipality. to organize a police officer’s retirement party Fear of being unsafe in life bring the daughter to cry “Father of Trang” hopes to be the last refuge Due to seeing the silent case and being threatened to fire the job, which the closed circuit caught the incident

At 1:30 p.m. on January 13, 65, Mr. Uthen Lim-arun or Uncle Odd, 55 years old, a driver at Lampura Subdistrict Municipality, Huai Yot District, along with his daughter traveled to meet with Mr. Kajonsak Charoensopha, Governor of Trang, at the Trang Province City Hall to seek justice after the incident on January 8, 65, and told him the incident while he was on duty in the night shift inside the Lamphura Municipality Office building During that time alone because the friends who are on duty have not arrived yet This made Mr. Pricha Sriprasit, 46 years old, a general employee of the municipality. A close friend of Mr. Thaweesak Nookerd or S.T. Maew, 42, a member of the Lumpura District 2 Municipal Council, came along and said to him that he asked for the keys to the 6-wheel truck of the municipality, because S.T. .Cats are used to beg to carry the table. chair of the municipality to organize a retirement party for A police officer in the area who is close to S.T. Mao, but it appears that he don’t give car keys because there is no license from the supervisor to confirm

In the meantime, Pol.Mae Maew called Mr. Pricha why he hadn’t brought the car yet. Mr. Pricha then told Pol.L.T. Maew that he had not given the key. before hanging up so he went to sleep in the room About 1 hour before the time, SAT. Maew came to the municipality. along with coming to find him in the bedroom before scolding his parents and cursing why not Don’t you know who I am? before they let him talk outside the bedroom As soon as he sat on the chair where Mr. Pricha was eating, it appeared that Lt. Maew had kicked the top of him. before his head hit the edge of the table until it made his head turn and came to yank his shirt collar before SAT Cat drove back And he filed a complaint at the Huai Yot Police Station on January 10, but the case still hasn’t progressed. In which the incident occurred, the surveillance cameras were able to record the footage before the governor of Trang Province accepted the matter. and gave orders to Mr. Panuwat Poolsawat, director of the Damrongtham Center Trang Province is in charge and coordinates with the police on the progress of the case. and prepare to proceed with the disciplinary examination with Mr. Thaweesak Nukerd or S.T. Mao

Mr Uthen, or Uncle Od, the victim, said he came today because he wanted justice. After the incident, he was very afraid of his safety. because you still have to go to work every day After the incident, they threatened to quit their job. and banned from being news It is forbidden to give news to the press, if it is news, it will be fired. If it’s not news, it will continue to work. causing them to fear that they will be fired from their jobs because he is the pillar of the family Having to take care of his wife and three children, who have been working in this position for more than 11 years, now receive a salary of 9,000 baht, a living expense of 1,000 baht, a total of 10,000 baht. If they don’t work, they will lose their income. and the family must suffer They must also send their children to school and confirm that they and the person who did it had never had any problems before. and previously worked as a driver together before going to apply Members of the Municipal Council or S.T.A. in this period for the first time At the time of the incident, he didn’t say anything. He suddenly yelled, resenting that he didn’t give the car keys. At that time, he did not let him go because he had to think that he had broken the rules if he let him go. because they have no authority to give and no request letter to be submitted Today I have confidence in the governor. and about 70 percent of the Damrongtham Center

Mr. Kajonsak Charoensopha, Governor of Trang Province, said he was already aware of the matter. Assigned to the provincial Damrongtham Center to receive the matter, which is clearly evidenced by CCTV. The aforementioned MPs actually acted. And after this, legal action must be taken. think that the victim has clear evidence He insisted that it would be fair to both parties. If anyone made a mistake, it would follow the truth. and will proceed as quickly as possible.

While the police officers at Huai Yot Police Station stated that after the injured person filed a complaint, the case number had already been entered. At present, Mr Thaweesak Nukerd or S.T. Mao is being summoned to testify and proceed with the legal procession.

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