Poland’s abandonment of Ukraine: Already off to a bad start, Zelensky’s counter-offensive will end badly

After the clear and clear defection of Hungary, the ambiguity against a backdrop of sentimentality from Turkey, gives way to the refusal of Poland and the USA to deliver arms to a Ukraine which they have pushed into confrontation with the Russian ogre .

Until now in agreement to keep the Russian ogre at a considerable distance, Poland and Ukraine are moving towards a cessation of their military cooperation, following the ban by the Polish government – very badly perceived by the head of state of Ukraine- imports of Ukrainian grain into his territory.

“I (…) want to tell President Zelensky never again to insult the Poles, as he did recently during a speech at the UN,” reacted the head of the Polish government, Mateusz Morawiecki, to comments made by the Ukrainian leader on the occasion of the 78th UN General Assembly, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Words which could have been taken as the recriminations of a sincere friend, but which became the source of an almost insoluble diplomatic tension.

Sticking to the eruptive reaction of the Polish Prime Minister – reported Friday by the Polish press agency PAP -, the criticism issued by President Zelensky from the podium of the United Nations General Assembly in relation to the Polish decision considered as “serving the interests of Russia”will have proven difficult to digest and has created a breach difficult to close in relations between the two countries in particular and between NATO allies in general.

At the wrong time of course, Russia at the origin of the mini 3rd world war which has been playing out in the Ukrainian theater since February 24, 2022 having remained very strong on the military level despite the efforts made by the Western coalition in terms of war materials and in human and intellectual resources.

Even more, the aggression of Ukraine, which nevertheless passes with difficulty in the world as demonstrated by various votes at the UN, has rather, curiously, revived the diplomatic coast of Moscow which has made more friends and of allies in Asia and Latin America where US hegemonism has been odiously considered since the dawn of time, and in Africa where its very dynamic propaganda carried by well-established local influencers has almost turned everyone against the Neo-colonial(ist)e France.

How far will the disenchantment between the Polish ally and Volodymyr Zelensky go?

After the controversial fall of a Russian missile on Polish territory which Ukraine had blamed on Russia, but which Poland itself had said was the result of an uncontrolled action by Ukrainian defense, the disagreement on the subject cereals between the former satellite of the former USSR in Central Europe and “the breadbasket of Europe”all today mortal enemies of “land of the Tsars”looks like the final straw that would break the camel’s back in the tolerance of Ukraine’s Western supporters, increasingly annoyed by Kiev’s recriminations about their aid.

This military aid borders on « service minimum », in the opinion of Ukraine, which considers that in addition to their delivery in dribs and drabs to suit its taste, they have the handicapping disadvantage of being marked by too many restrictions on their uses as conditions for their continuation. Worse still, the allies, obviously numbed by the prospect of what could happen if they dare to frighten Moscow’s “Rambo” too much – who misses no opportunity to threaten them with his ballistic missile SARMATIAN alias “Satan 2” (the largest -200 tonnes- and the fastest – a top speed of 7km/second – ever developed), “capable of razing a territory as large as France in a single launch “, have come to forget that the war – of positioning – by proxy that Vladimir Putin is waging against Ukraine is first and foremost a war against the democracies of Europe and the United States, after which the totalitarian regimes of Russia, North Korea, Iran, China, Syria for the crime of“imperialism”.

After the Polish abandonment, beware of the domino effect within NATO?

For certain observers, however, we should not be too accustomed to the idea that the anti-Putin bloc in the West is in the process of disintegrating due to the annoyances shown by everyone within it, all rather having in mind the objective of defeating Russia at the end of the war which promises to be long, and the tasks being distributed in such a way that from time to time, there are officials from the Western bloc, which bring the very complaining Zelensky back to earth, and at the same time, disorient the adversary.

Could the appearance of discordance in the tone of the Polish executive’s reactions illustrate this? Probably, if we want to see in this way the attempt by Polish President Andrzej Duda to minimize – for purposes of appeasement – the anger of his Ukrainian counterpart, when shortly before Morawiecki’s strong warning, he suggested that the disagreement over Ukrainian grain did not significantly affect relations between their two countries.“I have no doubt that the dispute over the supply of grain from Ukraine to the Polish market is absolutely only a fragment of the entire relationship between Poland and the ‘Ukraine”he said.

Zelensky in trouble?

But this interpretation is a little biased if we rely on facts and not speculation. Two days before the Polish injunction made to the Ukrainian number 1 to refrain more often when he speaks about Poland, this country, despite being one of the largest suppliers of arms to Ukraine, had announced that it would no longer supply weapons. weapons in Kiev, while the counter-offensive against Russia is at a pivotal moment. To justify this decision, even President Andrzej Duda, generally very conciliatory towards the attacked Ukraine and Zelensky, did not deprive himself, during a press conference in New York in the United States, of ‘a shocking comparison about Ukraine which he presented on occasion as a drowning man, who can drag him to the bottom and also drown the one who wants to save him, forcing the rescuer to choose between abandoning him to his fate and save himself. Which would amount to the same thing.

From there to believing that here too Moscow has succeeded in confusing the allies among themselves and to their detriment, there is only one step, the United States having also clearly stated that they will not deliver the missiles for long. ATACMS scope eagerly awaited by Kiev. It was Monday, during a press conference given by White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.


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