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Polar Electro Japan Co., Ltd., a pioneer of sports wearable devices, will release a new running watch “Polar Pacer Pro” on April 27, 2022, which realizes a highly functional, lightweight and thin structure. It was released.

The list price is 43,780 (tax included). There are four colors: carbon black, white red, wine red, and midnight blue (Aurora Green will be released in late May).

The main spec table of this site survey is as follows.

As you can see from the fact that you can measure VO2 Max (maximum oxygen uptake), not only is it full of running functions, but it also functions as a smartwatch, such as receiving all notifications from your smartphone and seeing the weather. We also have a good lineup.

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This time I got the chance to try the Polar Pacer Pro, so I will send you a trial review.

Polar Pacer Pro, a smartwatch specializing in running

To improve your running performance, it’s important to know your heart rate zone accurately.

Polar is a professional manufacturer that boasts the highest accuracy of heart rate measurement, and smart watches like this model not only can accurately detect heart rate data, but also have a reputation for being comfortable to wear while running.

In addition, this model uses a newly designed antenna to improve GPS accuracy. It supports the QZSS (MICHIBIKI) satellite system and records the position accurately anywhere in the world.

Such good performance is as Naoko Takahashi talked about in the talk session at the time of the announcement.

Click the link below for the talk session report article!

What is the appeal of the smart watch “POLAR Pacer” that Naoko Takahashi talks about?Talk session detailed report

Polar Pacer Pro Appearance Check

Back cover and charging cable

First, let’s check the appearance.

There are 10 LED sensors on the back cover.

Attach the dedicated charging cable. Since the magnetic force is a little weak, it seems better to be careful not to come off.

The battery is a long-life battery that can be used for a long time, and if you do not do GPS training, you do not need to charge it for a week.
Even with full GPS and heart rate training, continuous 35 hours of measurement is possible.

Physical button

Polar Pacer Pro is not a touch screen method, all operations are done with physical buttons.

Touch screens are now commonplace in the smartwatch field, but physical buttons are a perennial favorite for running and outdoor models.

Certainly, this is easier to use for runners who operate while running.

There are two physical buttons on the left and three on the right.

The upper left is the light on, and the lower left is the menu display / back button.

The upper right is the up scroll of the display, the center right is the OK / Enter button, and the lower right is the down scroll of the display.


The belt is made of high-quality silicon.

The uneven outer material and the smooth and comfortable inner material are different materials.

The base of the band is angled so that the optical sensor is firmly attached, and it fits tightly on the arm.

In addition, it has been devised so that the belt can be changed according to the lifestyle.
If you replace it with a dedicated adapter called Shift adapter, you can easily replace it with a commercially available 20 mm wristband.

First, remove the pin and remove the dedicated band.

Be sure not to lose the pin.

Attach the Shift adapter in the same way.

With the Shift adapter attached, you can easily attach a commercially available 20mm wristband.

The atmosphere will change a lot.

You will be able to wear it in a slightly formal place.

Polar Pacer Pro watch face

You can change the watch face of Polar Pacer Pro from the settings screen.

The variety of watch faces is inferior to other brands of smart watches, but the point is that they are simple and easy to see, and you can clearly display the necessary items.

Also, you can freely change the accent color, so you can use it without getting tired of it.

■ Digital (minute display in the center)

■ Digital (second display circle)

■ Analog (classic)

■ Analog (Sward)

Basic features of Polar Pacer Pro

Introducing the functions that can be measured and confirmed with Polar Pacer Pro.

Press the physical button on the lower right / upper right to switch screens.

You can check it in detail in the smartphone app “Polar Flow”, but you can also check most of it on your wrist.

■ Home screen
Basic screen display that displays the time and date

Today’s activity
The circle around the screen display and the percentage display below the date / time show the achievement status of the activity goal for the day.

■ Cardio load status
Based on the short-term training load and the long-term training load, “Undertrained”, “Maintain Status”, “Effective”, and “Overtraining Load” are displayed.

■ Heart rate
The average heart rate is measured and displayed.

■ Latest training session
Shows the latest training sessions and the elapsed time since the start of each training.

■ Nightly Recharge / Last night’s sleep
NightlyRecharge shows how much you have recovered during the night. It automatically measures and displays how much your autonomic nervous system has calmed down during the first hours of sleep (autonomic nervous status) and how your sleep quality was (sleep status).

■ FitSpark Training Guide
Polar Pacer Pro suggests the most appropriate training goals based on your training history, fitness level, and current recovery status.

■ Weather
Displays the weather forecast for the points detected by GPS.

■ Weekly summary
View a weekly summary of your training. The graph is divided into different training zones, assuming that the total training time for the week is 100.

■ Music control
You can control the music and media being played on your smartphone.

Walking test with Polar Pacer Pro

A new feature in Polar Pacer Pro is the “Walking Test”.

Until now, in order to know aerobic exercise capacity (VO2Max), it was necessary to raise the heart rate hard in a running test.

With this Polar Pacer Pro, you can measure VO2 Max while walking.

First, select “Walking Test” from “Test”.

Press the start button to start GPS positioning.

When the outside line in the area of ​​the arrow changes from red to yellow / blue, it is a sign that GPS positioning is completed, so let’s start walking.

First, warm up. You need to raise your heart rate to 120.

It doesn’t matter if you sprint a little here. You can start testing when you reach 120.

Walk to keep your heart rate just above 120.

This is surprisingly difficult.

If you run, your heart rate will rise to about 120 immediately, but if you run even a little, you will get angry with “Don’t run!”.

I managed to cool down after walking for 15 minutes. Cool down for about 5 minutes to calm your heart rate.

Result display. It was a very difficult walk. I felt that a movement close to racewalking was required.

The list of results looks like this.

It analyzes in great detail.

Running test with Polar Pacer Pro

Of course, the running test that is also installed in the Vantage series and GRIT X series is also installed in this Polar Pacer Pro.

Again, select “Running Test” from “Test”.

Test started after warming up. If the speed is slow, you will be warned to “speed up more” (the red arrow on the left tells you to “speed up to 1km 6:22 or higher” on this display).

The setting speed will increase little by little, and the heart rate will also increase.

When finished, you’ll see your MAX heart rate within that test.

Below is a summary of the running test.

It will show you how much carbs you have consumed and how much fat you have burned.

If you mainly do aerobic exercise, you will consume a lot of fat, and if you exercise violently and near anaerobic, you will consume a lot of carbohydrates.

If you look at this value and control the nutrients to be supplemented, you can effectively supplement your nutrition.

A dedicated power sensor is required for the “cycling test”.

I couldn’t challenge this time, so I would like to try some opportunity.

See details on Amazon

● Writer Yosuke Sugimoto
Arafif boy who likes sports. He always wears a smartwatch on his arms and aims for 12,000 steps a day.

I want to read it together

Naoko Takahashi also praised it!New running GPS watch “Polar Pacer” series announced

What is the appeal of the smart watch “POLAR Pacer” that Naoko Takahashi talks about?Talk session detailed report

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