Police are ready to deal with the 3-inch mob, 8 November, warns against protesting in the royal court, 150 meters radius.

Nov 6, 2020 – Pol. Maj. Gen. Piya Tawichai, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (Deputy Commander-in-Chief) revealed the progress in prosecuting the protesters. That at this time, many cases have been prosecuted There were 4-5 important cases, such as in the Hua Mak Police Station area, the case of assaulting Ramkhamhaeng University students. Prosecuted, 1 person, is in the process of summoning 9 more people involved. Section at Tha Phra Office In the case of a person throwing giant firecrackers in the area of ​​BTS Tha Phra Station Currently under investigation. Which will be prosecuted for the noise that shocked the public

As for the case that Mr. Suwit Thongprasert or the former Buddha Independent Complaints and prosecution under Section 116, now three accused have surrendered themselves at Phayathai Police Station and the case of the assembly at Pathumwan Intersection 17 convicted of the accused were filed, with five summons issued and arrested, all of them. And a summons for 5 more people were issued / 7 people under investigation

“Please be reminded that the demonstrators can gather according to their rights, but the assembly is strictly prohibited in the 150-meter radius of the royal court if they are forced to pursue all legal proceedings,” Pol. Maj. Piya said, “all three days of assembly. After this, there has not yet been an application for permission to use the assembly area according to the Public Assembly Act, and on November 8, there will be a large gathering. And there will be a movement Police will use a rally plan 63 to oversee the assembly. Like the last rally Be confident that you can take care of and maintain order and safety. With divided care areas

In the event that Mr. Prit Chivarak or Penguin, Ms. Panasaya Sitthichirawattanakul or Rung and Mr. Panupong Chadnok or Mike who left the hospital And stay for treatment at home. Pol. Maj. Piya stated that if there is a case that has not yet been proceeded, he will have to request to freeze himself according to the legal process, confirming the investigation process. Including the suspension to prosecute As a result of local gatherings And was charged with multiple charges If released in any case, he must be attached.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Jirasan Kaew Saeng-Ek, Deputy Director of the Royal Thai Army, said about the traffic route during the rally on Saturday, November 7, that there will be a gathering of Sam Yan intersection affecting Rama IV Road. Both inbound and outbound Phayathai Road and Sunday 8 November Democracy Monument rally is expected to affect Ratchadamnoen Klang Road. Asking people to plan to avoid the route Even if it’s sunday And follow the news because there may be a movement movement, expected to pass through the sky intersection, Chor Poror junction and Nakhon Sawan intersection Which the police will try to facilitate To minimize impact on traffic

While Pol. Lt. Colonel Kritsana Patanacharoen, Deputy Spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police Addressing the case of Twitter, the Freeyouth account and two other vocal accounts were temporarily closed. Confirm monitoring of social media use It is a function of many departments, not the Royal Thai Police. But if you find the misuse of social media Need to perform steps The police do not choose to practice and do not use 2 standards in accordance with regulations and laws, the police have the duty to enforce the law only.


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