Police Arrest Woman and Father Suspected of Killing Man in ‘Headless Body’ Case in Sapporo, Japan

Arrest Made in Shocking Murder Case in Sapporo Hotel

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The police have apprehended a woman and her father, suspects believed to be involved in the murder of a man at a hotel in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. The shocking incident has gripped the attention of locals and authorities alike.

According to reputable sources, including the Yomiuri Shimbun, law enforcement officials from Hokkaido arrested Tamura Luna (29) and her father, Tamura Shu (59), a prominent psychiatrist, on the previous day. The matter is currently under investigation.

During a thorough search of their residence, the police made a sinister discovery—a severed head, believed to be that of the victim. The woman stands accused of not only causing harm to the victim but also desecrating the body and ultimately abandoning it.

Authorities suspect that sometime between the night of the 1st and the early morning of the 2nd, the accused couple beheaded a 62-year-old man, identified as Mr. A, inside a hotel room located in Sapporo’s Chuo-ku district. Their motive remains undisclosed, pending further investigation. It remains uncertain whether the suspects have confessed to the alleged crime.

The incident, commonly referred to as the ‘headless body case,’ first came to light when a vigilant hotel employee, on the 2nd day at approximately 3 p.m., stumbled upon the mutilated remains in one of the hotel’s bathrooms.

Subsequent autopsy findings revealed that the victim sustained fatal stab wounds, resulting in hemorrhagic shock. Disturbingly, all of Mr. A’s personal belongings were reported missing from the scene.

Police authorities identified the two suspects through meticulous analysis of CCTV footage from around the hotel, where the crime took place. It is believed that Luna had a prior acquaintance with the victim and entered the hotel premises in his company.

Local media outlets have reported on the shocking development, with acquaintances of the accused psychiatrist expressing disbelief at his alleged involvement. Tamura had been practicing as a psychiatrist at a reputable hospital in Sapporo.

Furthermore, there have been disturbing claims suggesting the doctor himself may be implicated as a suspect in this ‘headless body’ case. Renowned journalist Akihiro Ohtani commented, “The grotesque act of a parent and child mutilating a body is truly beyond comprehension.”

The police have arrested a woman and a woman who are suspected of killing a man in a hotel in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

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According to local media such as the Yomiuri Shimbun on the 25th, Hokkaido police arrested Tamura Luna (29) and her father, Tamura Shu (59), a psychiatrist, the day before.

The police searched their home and found part of the body believed to be the victim’s head. The woman is accused of abandoning the body after harming it (destroying the body, depriving the body, abandoning the body).

The police believe that between the night of the 1st and the early morning of the 2nd, they beheaded a 62-year-old man A in a hotel room in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, and then left him. It is not known whether the couple admitted to the crime.

The so-called ‘headless body case’ was first reported when a hotel employee who suspected an unchecked guest at around 3 pm on the 2nd found a mutilated body in the bathroom.

An autopsy of the body revealed that the man had been stabbed with a sharp weapon and died of hemorrhagic shock. When the body was found, all of A’s possessions were missing.

Police said they identified the two suspects through CCTV analysis around the hotel, the scene of the incident. Luna was acquainted with victim A and is believed to have entered the hotel together.

The local media reported that people who knew the doctor, the suspect, reacted “unbelievably”. Tamura worked as a psychiatrist in a hospital in Sapporo.

There are also reactions that say the doctor is a suspect in the ‘headless body’. Journalist Akihiro Ohtani said, “It is too grotesque for parents and children to destroy bodies.”

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