Police arrested 4 civil servants for conspiracy to defraud, including 3 SWD workers 1 government school teacher

4 civil servants were arrested for using “pinless paper” without spam

Earlier, seven western doctors were arrested for allegedly spamming medical certificates for vaccination exemptions, commonly known as “needle-free papers” The number of “needle-free papers” involved was as high as 20,000 ( date) expires. Today (7th) the police arrested four more civil servants, women between the ages of 25 and 48, three of whom work in the Social Welfare Department and one is a teacher in one of the government schools. The police said that four were arrested for “conspiracy to defraud”, being detained at the moment.

According to the police, four local women, aged 25, 42, 45 and 48, were arrested on charges of “conspiracy to defraud” today in Tin Shui Wai, Kwun Tong, Sha Tin and Hung Hom. One works in the Social Welfare Department and the other is a government school teacher.

Police pointed out that the four people arrested had obtained needle-free paper from doctors who were arrested or wanted earlier for spamming “needle-free paper” for HK$500 to 2,500 each. Did the people know each other, but each used more than one paper without a needle, including 6 related arrested or wanted doctors. The four people who were arrested are still being held by the police.

When asked about the reasons for the arrest, the police said that after reviewing all the evidence and a professional assessment by medical experts, “there is reason to believe that all the persons arrested above have obtained a paper without a needle illegally.” Regarding the detailed guidelines, the police only It is inconvenient to disclose because of the investigation methods involved.

The police explained that it is not illegal to possess needleless paper, stressing that they will examine a series of evidence. As to whether the amount of needle-free paper or medical records should be included, police said only that they would review all environmental evidence.

According to the police, a total of six doctors have been arrested in the crackdown on the indiscriminate publication of “needle-free paper”, one of whom has been provisionally charged, as well as seven clinic staff and a total of 26 citizens with a needle. – free paper.

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