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Monday, August 16, 2021

Hong Kong News II

The Hong Kong Government intends to limit plastic culverts, umbrellas, plastic bags, cotton swabsIt is estimated that 14 million finger umbrella bags are used every year in the rainy season to promote the legislative banThree policemen detained by a group of forged needle paper and doctor paper call on employers to scan QR code to verify informationSend samples to foreign domestic helpers and their employers to return to Hong KongOn the machine, I learned that the testing agency was not recognized. Hong Kong residents were detained in SpainThe hospital introduces stroke protection device to reduce the complications of minimally invasive heart valve surgeryZhang Daming: It is difficult for the youth to plead guilty to “Master” and it is difficult for non-authorized personnel of the Law Society to verify the case and call for consultation with the policeMai Meijuan advocates the approval of the project by the Empowerment Commission outside the core area of ​​the Victoria Harbour reclamation debindingIf found inciting others not to vote in vain, Bai Yunliu: Will request the site to delete commentsSocial Association: Homeless women are even more helpless in the face of sexual harassment conflictRepeated students eventually become college students grateful to the late principal for not giving upOutstanding Elderly Staff Reluctant to Be a Gear: Turn the home into a “day home” for the elderlyAirport seized 26.4 million driver arrested for picking up goodsThe police detained the uncle for retrograde takeoutRecycling bread and brewing craft beer to reduce food waste and upgrade and rebuild4 The founders are both South Asian students of HKUSTZunzi Comics[Emily]Liu Yingkuang “Sit for a year” after several days in prison, deducting his guilty plea, he performed well, and he was remanded for 5 months[Emily]Zheng Yongshun booked a room and invites the tenants to watch “Wonderful Boy”[Emily]The Winner of the Good Citizen Award of the Smart Breaking Criminal Gang personally “the case repeats”[Emily]Son inherited his father’s business as Drainage Department’s Electrical Inspector[Emily]Luo Zhiguang: Influencing income distribution policy in many bureaus

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