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Washington > After the release of a video of a black man being brutally beaten by the police, widespread protests in the United States. 29-year-old Tyree Nichols was killed by police in Memphis, Tennessee. Nichols, who was beaten and shot on January 7, died on January 10. The video of the police beating came out the other day. With this, it generated protests against racist attacks by the police in all American cities.

Tyree Nichols is seen being beaten by the police

Four hour-long videos were released of the young man being pepper-sprayed in the face and booted and kicked, including in the face. The video shows Tyree Nichols yelling at her mother and begging for help. Police chased Nichols who tried to escape and opened fire. In the incident, five police officers were arrested in Memphis on a charge of murder. All five were dismissed from their jobs. US President Joe Biden spoke to Nichols’ parents on the phone the other day.

All five police officers who killed Nichols were black. Brooklyn Law School Professor Alexis J. Hogue said significant change is needed in the police system that treats black people in America with prejudice. Protest marches were held in cities such as Memphis, New York City, Washington, Seattle and Atlanta to protest the beating. In 2020, the death of a black man named George Floyd by a policeman by suffocation led to massive protests in the United States.

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