Police crackdown on Indian mafia networks hoping to cheat selling pirated goods to tourists, 5 million in compensation

The Anti-Copyright Unit, 191 ECCC, tackles smuggling networks for counterfeit goods. duping tourists

On March 22, reporters reported that Pol Gen Torsak Sukwimol, deputy chief of the Royal Thai Police, as the head of the Center for the Prevention of Intellectual Property Violence. The Office of the Royal Thai Police (Pol. Lt. Gen. Amnat Triphot), deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, is conducting investigations Indian mafia network called “Babu” was arrested smuggling brand-name products, shoes, bags, clothes , watch, imitate famous brand products. to deceive and sell to Thai people and foreign tourists in the Pathumwan area by deceiving it to be carry-out products or outlet products The network distributed goods to more than 30 nearby shops on March 21.

Maj Gen said. About that According to the investigation, 2 foreigners from the Mafia Babu Network were in charge of the warehouse, so they submitted a search warrant and asked to enter the room that was converted into a warehouse. The middle items were found to be fake shoes. American and European brands, 591 pairs (1,182 pieces), some of which have been delivered to the stores ordered.

Maj Gen said. About that According to inquiries, the person guarding the warehouse admitted that this fake product would be sold to foreign tourists. and said it is authentic It will be sold at a price of 2,000-8,000 baht per pair, depending on the popularity of each model. The damage value this time is more than 5,000,000 baht.

Maj Gen said. For that Arrest the two warehouse wardens on charges of “together for sale which products have false trademarks and imitations of others registered in the kingdom” with the exhibit sent to the investigating officer Prosecution EEC in accordance with the law And will continue to investigate and expand the prosecution of those involved along the money line found

Pol Gen Torsak said that The police are therefore asking for cooperation from different shops. In areas where foreign tourists shop, do not cheat, sell fake trademarks to tourists. This will directly and indirectly affect confidence in tourism. If found, there will be prosecution to the end.

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