Police Find Human Bones at Body Dumping Site in Murder Case: DNA Testing and Further Investigation Needed

Investigation Continues in Child Burial Case at Soi Phahon Yothin 56

Authorities Conduct Forensic Examination on Bones Found

The Police Station Commander 2 has confirmed that the bones recently discovered at the body dumping site in Soi Phahon Yothin 56 are indeed human bones, according to medical experts. However, a comprehensive forensic examination is necessary to confirm the DNA and compare it with the accused individuals. This will mark the conclusion of the evidence examination process, with further searches set to resume tomorrow.

Significant progress has been made in the murder case involving the burial of a 2-year-old girl in clay. Pol Maj Gen. Noppasin Poonsawat, deputy chief of the Metropolitan Police Office, along with other high-ranking officers, visited the area where Ms. Jesada claimed to have left her child’s body. The location, situated approximately 200 meters from Soi Phahon Yothin 56 near a gas station, revealed that the Phra Phum Shrine had been relocated about 50 meters from its original position. Cement and stone fragments were scattered along a 100-meter path in the area. To facilitate the investigation, officers have cordoned off the site pending verification.

Based on information provided by Ms. Jesada, officers have learned that the bodies of her two deceased sons were dumped in 2016, 2018, and 2020. The construction of a gas station subsequently transformed the once grassy forest area into an open space, leading to the relocation of the Phra Phum Shrine. Given the significant amount of time that has passed, the site where the children’s bodies were left has undergone substantial changes. Therefore, officers developed a plan to gather evidence from the area while ensuring the legal validity of their findings.

After conducting a meticulous examination of the body dumping site for 50 minutes, Pol Maj Gen. Noppasin stated that the observation point was the Phra Phum Shrine, which used to be surrounded by swamp forest and still retained water. Officers have contacted the landowner, who confirmed the presence of a landfill after the gas station was constructed. Consequently, the Office of the Basic Education Commission had to conduct a preliminary check for any remaining child remains. Moving forward, the plan involves using a small backhoe to excavate and expose the soil, enabling a more thorough search for legal evidence. In parallel, authorities are coordinating their efforts with Bhumibol Hospital, the Police Hospital, and all other medical facilities to determine if there have been any reports of child bodies being discovered in garbage trucks. Additionally, the media will be informed to encourage individuals with relevant information regarding children who died between 2016 and 2018 to come forward and assist with the investigation.

Later in the evening, coordination officers resumed digging in the area where Ms. Jesada had allegedly buried her child’s body. However, complications arose when the water pipe was accidentally cut and damaged during the excavation process. Consequently, officers have exercised increased caution as they continue their search for the abandoned child’s remains.

Subsequently, at 7:00 pm, forensic officers made a significant discovery – a plastic bag stained with dirt containing a bone measuring 13 cm in length and approximately 6 cm in size. This bone has been logged and preserved as evidence, awaiting further examination to determine its origin – whether it is an animal or human bone. If it is indeed human, DNA testing will be conducted to compare it with the profiles of the accused individuals.

At 7:25 pm, officials liaised with a doctor from Bhumibol Hospital to examine the bone found. The examination confirmed that it was a human bone belonging to an about 2-year-old child.

Finally, at 7:40 pm, Pol Maj Gen. Atthaphon Anusit, the head of the 2nd Police Station, announced that the investigation had uncovered testimonies from the suspect affirming the dumping of the child’s body in the area under investigation. Officers from the evidence department, Sai Mai Police Station, and other relevant departments were present to examine additional evidence. Although the conditions at the time of the event and present-day differ due to the passage of several years, authorities believe that the area where the event occurred has been located. Initially, the OBEC conducted an inspection to collect evidence, but when they were unable to find anything, a small backhoe was employed to excavate the soil and uncover potential evidence.

As a result of the excavation, bones believed to be pertinent to the case were unearthed. Consequently, a forensic doctor from Bhumibol Hospital was called upon to assist in verifying their nature. Though initially thought to be human bones approximately 2 years old, further examination is required to confirm this speculation. The bones will be taken to the forensic institute, where DNA testing will be conducted for comparative analysis against the suspects and accused individuals involved in the case, ultimately determining their relevance to the investigation.

The Commander of the 2nd Center emphasized that a forensic examination is imperative to achieve clarity and accuracy. The evidence-checking process has temporarily ceased, with plans to resume the search tomorrow. An additional team of officers will be deployed to further examine the evidence at hand.

Police Station Commander 2 confirmed the bones found at the body dumping site, Soi Phahon Yothin 56. Doctors said they were human bones. But a forensic examination must be carried out to confirm the DNA and compare it to the accused again – bringing the examination of evidence to an end. and will start searching again tomorrow

Progress in the murder case of burying a 2-year-old girl in clay at 4:45 pm on September 20, 2023, said Pol Maj Gen. Noppasin Poonsawat, deputy chief of the Metropolitan Police Office, together with Pol. Maj. Gen. Teeraday. Thamsuthee, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, Pol. Maj. Gen. Wathee Asawutamangkun, Commander-in-Chief of the OBEC, and Chief-in-Chief of the OBEC, and Great Vote Gen. Atthaphon Anusit, Commander-in-Chief PM 2 along with officers of the Forensic Division inspected the area where Ms Jesada claimed to have left her child’s body in the Phra Phum Shrine area. Along Phahonyothin Road Around Soi Phahonyothin 56

The location of the event is about 200 meters from Soi Phahonyothin 56, next to a gas station. It was discovered that the Phra Phum Shrine had been moved about 50 meters from its original location, with pieces of cement and stone scattered all over the area in a path about 100 meters long. Officers used ropes to block the area. to wait for verification

At that point Officers received information from Ms Jesada that the body of one son who died was left in 2016 and in 2018, the body of another son was dumped. Later in 2020, a gas station was built on the side. and the area was adapted from a grassy forest to an open area. and the Phra Phrahum altar was moved away from its original location. And because of the long time that has passed This caused the conditions in the place where the bodies of the two children were left to have changed a lot. So the officers devised a plan to find a way to gather evidence at that time. Before entering, inspect the condition of the dump site for legal evidence.

After examining the body dumping site for 50 minutes, Pol said. Maj. Gen. Noppasin, from information that children’s bodies have been dumped since 2016 and 2018, that the child’s body has been abandoned. The observation point was the Phra Phum Shrine, which in the past was a swamp forest and there was still water. Officers contacted the owner of the land. Knowing that there was a landfill after the construction of the gas station, so the Office of the Basic Education Commission had to check first to see if there were any remains of a child. The next plan is to use a small backhoe to dig in to open up the soil. Continuing to search Officers must do their utmost to find legal evidence. At the same time, there is also coordination with Bhumibol and the Forensic Hospital, the Police Hospital, and all hospitals to see if there are any bodies of children from garbage trucks that have been dumped or not. And they would like to publicize through the media if people who see or have information about children who died between 2016 and 2018 are asked to inform the police so they can investigate immediately.

Later, at 6:00 pm on September 20, coordination officers brought back to dig the area where Ms Jesada had dumped her child’s body. By digging open up the soil But it appeared that the water pipe had been cut and damaged during digging. This causes officers to be careful in their work. continue to search for the body of an abandoned child

Later, at 7:00 pm on September 20, forensic officers found a plastic bag soiled with dirt. Inside the bag was one bone 13 cm long and about 6 cm in size, so it was recorded and kept as evidence. To be examined to prove whether it is animal or human bone. If it is a human bone, it will be tested for DNA. to further compare with the accused

Later, at 7:25 pm, after finding the two bones, officials coordinated with a doctor at Bhumibol Hospital to come and examine them. The bone is 13 centimeters long and is a human bone The upper part of an arm is about 2 years old.

Most recently, at 7:40 pm on September 20, Pol revealed. Maj. Gen. Atthaphon Anusit, the head of the 2nd Police Station, that the investigation of the suspect testified that he dumped the body of his child in this area. In coordination with officers of the evidence department and investigating officers from Sai Mai Police Station and related officers came to examine additional evidence. During the time of the event and the current conditions are different Due to the passage of many years the area of ​​the event is believed to be in this area. In the first time put OBEC inspects and collects evidence When he saw that he could not find So they used a small backhoe to dig the soil to open. to find additional evidence

From the excavation, bones were found which were believed to be used as evidence in the case. Therefore, a forensic doctor was invited. Bhumibol Hospital Come help check. It was initially thought to be human bones around 2 years old, but whether they were or not is still a matter of speculation. In the next step, investigators will take the bones to the forensic institute. DNA testing and comparison with the suspects and accused in this case for clarity. Is it a human bone? And is it related to the accused or not?

The 2nd Center Commander said a forensic examination is still needed to confirm clarity and accuracy again. Now we have to stop checking for evidence. and he will start searching again tomorrow Tomorrow an additional force of officers will come together to examine more evidence.

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