Police gave letter to speaker to arrest Eldos Kunnappilly Police seeking permission from speakers to arrest Eldos Kunnappilly

Thiruvananthapuram: The police have started the process of getting the assembly speaker’s permission to arrest Perumbavoor MLA Eldos Kunnappilly, accused in the rape case. As he is the representative of the people, he should get permission from the Speaker to arrest him. The Thiruvananthapuram City Police Commissioner gave the letter to the Speaker.

Mobile phone numbers will be monitored as soon as permission is granted. MLA from Tuesday The police concluded that he is absconding. Places where Eldos are likely to reach Kunnappilly, including the MLA’s hostel, will also be monitored. The police are of the opinion that since he is an MLA, he cannot stay in hiding for long. Therefore, further steps will be taken even after knowing the court’s decision on the prospective bail application tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the process of recording the complainant’s confidential statement has also started. The application will be made in court today.

The young girl gave a statement before the Vanchiur court magistrates that she had been molested several times by the MLA whom she had known for ten years. The case was taken over by the Regional Crime Branch Asst. Commissioner B. Under the leadership of Anil Kumar, the woman’s statement was recorded in detail on Wednesday and Thursday. After giving a promise of marriage, she took him to the church in Thiruvananthapuram and wore a gold cross necklace. Later, the woman has made a statement that the MLA raped her by breaking into the house and taking her to several places. Based on this, the charge of rape was made.