Police oppose bail “Rider kills two girls” fears a repeat of the incident

Police oppose bail “Rider kills two girls” fears a repeat of the incident

At 9:00 am on November 25, reporters reported the case of Mr Piyada Sarakul or Kor Ya, 29 years old, that a transgender woman was murdered and her body left in the second water canal, Moo 1, Khlong Song Sub-District, Khlong Luang District , Province, Pathum Thani, where the investigative police officers, Khlong Luang Police Station and Pathum Thani Provincial investigative police officers Can arrest the killer, know the name of Mr. Yuttaphon Piyawitthayakan or Art, 36 years old, young rider (accused)

side Colonel Kiattisak Mitprasat Khlong Luang Police Station Superintendent said the investigators would initially question the accused with the lawyer. and will take the accused to be imprisoned in the Thanyaburi Provincial Court Regarding the state of the accused, he now has a clear mind. No symptoms of stress Was closely monitored by police officers and no relatives came to visit

In terms of making a confession plan Because the evidence The researcher collected was quite complete, such as the DNA of the deceased in the sedan used by the accused. witnesses around What was used in the case was complete, and yesterday the accused was attacked by a group of relatives and friends of the deceased.

And the accused did not want to make a plan to make a confession. Including the investigating officer objecting to the bail during the investigation. because it is a serious case and worried that if the accused was released on bail, he would commit more crimes

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