Police, prefectural staff, supervision, etc. 9 additional persons related to the collapse accident

The police, who are investigating the collapse of a new apartment building in Gwangju HDC Hyundai Industrial Development Hwajeong I-Park, have booked nine additional persons.

The New Apartment Collapse Accident Investigation Headquarters in Seo-gu, Gwangju announced today (17th) that nine additional people were booked on charges of violating the Building Act and negligent manslaughter in relation to the new apartment collapse accident.

The additional accusers are 6 people from Hyeonsan, including employees of Hyundai Development Company, and 3 people from construction, including supervision.

Hyeonsan officials saw that they were responsible for causing the accident, and the supervisor was charged with failing to properly manage and supervise the accident, such as failing to observe the site at the time of the accident.

The police also applied additional charges of negligent manslaughter in addition to the charges of violating the existing building law against Mr.

At the beginning of the investigation, the investigation headquarters applied only the charges of violating the building law to Mr. A by asking him to take responsibility for the collapse, but as one of the six missing persons was recovered, the charge of negligent manslaughter was additionally applied.

The police, who formed an investigation headquarters to determine the cause and responsible for the accident, are speeding up the investigation by continuing the search and seizure and investigation of those involved.

We are comparing and analyzing evidence obtained from the search and seizure of three subcontractors, a field office in Hyeonsan, and a supervisory office.

Also, in the morning of the same day, we plan to conduct a search and seizure on 10 companies that supplied concrete to the new apartment building site and check whether defective materials were delivered.

Joint forensics, the most important process of the cause investigation, is currently in the process of searching for missing persons at the accident site, so a detailed schedule cannot be set.

An official from the Investigation Headquarters said, “As we proceed with the investigation, we plan to file charges sequentially for those who have been identified.”

Meanwhile, at the construction site of the Hwajeong I-Park apartment in Gwangju on the 11th at 3:46 pm on the 11th, while concrete was being poured on the 39th floor, some structures on the 23rd and 38th floors collapsed and collapsed. It is missing.

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