Police prepare to issue summons to Senator Kittisak After finding link to black man attacking Wat Bang Khlan

Because of the conflict within Wat Bang Khlan, Phichit Province between the villagers and the abbot which has not yet come to a decision or conclusion to the story Attack and attack monks, villagers, Viyawatakorn, Wat Luang Pho Ngern, Bang Khlan, Pho Thale District, Phichit Province. injured The incident happened on March 6th. Where the police managed to arrest more than 20 suspects, with the other 2 people involved in the case, namely Mr Kittisak Rattanawaraha, a member of the Senator (Senator) and Mr Dusit Khamsila, who has the Pho Police Station Thale. now requested the Phichit court’s approval to issue an arrest warrant for Mr Kittisak Rattanawaraha on May 22.

However, at Phichit Provincial Court, Pho Thale Police Station asked the police to issue a summons first. because the accused has a main address If the summons is served and the investigating officer is not present The police must seek approval from the Phichit Court. Request a new arrest warrant So, Pho Thale police station must come and issue a summons 2 more times if they don’t come to see the investigator. requests approval of the Phichit Court’s application to issue another arrest warrant

Mr Kittisak Rattanawaraha, a member of the Senedd (Senator), spoke about the issuing of an arrest warrant that took place. don’t know yet In this regard, he has had complaints since the time of the National Legislative Assembly. He was assigned to look after the villagers. Regarding the conflict between the villagers and the group of people who occupied the temple, there were 5-6 people, and the villagers were not able to make merit in the temple. Because if you go to make merit, there will be a charge of trespassing. To this day, the villagers are still in trouble. because this group is an influential group Which is just fighting, how can it be linked to a Senator?

by the Pol Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police has given an interview that There are no men in black, it is just the children of the villagers fighting.

However, from the preliminary examination an arrest warrant was issued. but the court issued a summons By such a summons, it has not yet been received. just see the news on social media However, if a summons is received at any time, it is ready. report to acknowledge the allegations He is already a law abiding legislator.


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