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Police reveal the background Cho Ching Thong, a famous department store know the escape route After the thriller – news

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In fact, Jo Ching Thong, a famous department store. used to work in Khon Kaen so he knew the escape route Before deciding to plan a thriller The police rushed to investigate if they found anyone involved and arrested them all.

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From the case of the culprit who used a firearm to steal the Thong Kirati shop located on the 2nd floor of Central Plaza Khon Kaen on Nov 20, and most recently, the police investigation team joined the police station. And the editor of the police station 2 can arrest the accused, Mr. A (named), 17 years old, in a furniture factory in Khlong Luang district, Pathum Thani province.

And was taken to investigate at the Police Station 4, Khon Kaen Province yesterday (25 November) and now the accused is still in the custody of the police. Khon Kaen City Police Station according to the procedure of the investigation According to the news that has been presented continuously.

Progress in this matter at 1:00 PM on November 26, 2021 Lieutenant-General Yanyong Vej-Osoth Police Chief of Police 4 said that from examining the behavior and behavior of this 17-year-old assailant

Found that after the incident, he ran away from the Central Department Store. At the front door, next to Si Chan Road, passing through, heading to the community of Chao Pho Muang Shrine. Passing in front of Khon Kaen Railway Station through Khon Kaen Railway Market and enters a parking area in Soi Wat Wuttharam

which the officers have continued to investigate as well as public relations for good citizens to help report clues until a good citizen gave a clue Officers have therefore entered the inspection. One of the parking lots in Soi Wat Wuttharam And found a gold bracelet weighing 3 baht, the amount of 1 line fell, and in the vicinity there was a dormitory.

So check the CCTV and check the dormitory guest list. It was found that the suspected man was Mr. A, a 17-year-old (name fictitious), which from the investigation revealed that Mr. A was from Chonburi province and had worked at a restaurant in the downtown area of ​​Khon Kaen during 2018-2019 from then resigned and went to work at a furniture factory in the area of ​​Khlong Si Subdistrict, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province

From the information, it was found that the accused Still living in Phanna Nikhom District, Sakon Nakhon Province, therefore came to see each other between Sakon Nakhon, Khon Kaen, Chonburi and Pathum Thani

“The accused opened the daily rental room of the aforementioned dormitory on November 16 and checked out on November 21. When the accused has left Khon Kaen He traveled to stay with his relatives’ house in Chonburi province and returned to work in Pathum Thani province.

which officials have traced the villain until it is clear with evidence Therefore, he asked the court of Khon Kaen Province to approve the issuance of an arrest warrant. And Mr. A was arrested in Pathum Thani province while working inside the said factory. Before being detained for further investigation and searched a room in Chonburi province, they found 4 hidden gold bracelets weighing 3 baht.

in which the accused confessed that He was the one who used a firearm to win gold at Kirati shop in Central Khon Kaen because he was addicted to online gambling. and want to have money to gamble So he left his job from Pathum Thani and came to Khon Kaen. and open a room at the aforementioned dormitory and came to see Lad Lao before the incident many times by imitating behavior from social media

on the day of the incident walked from the dormitory along the train tracks And to cause such incidents, however, even now the officers will find the only suspect in action. But the investigation will be extended if anyone is involved. All will be arrested and prosecuted. While the firearm used in the attack, the accused said it had been abandoned in the forest beside the railway. which the officers have already detected and seized for inspection.”

while the owner of the Kirati gold shop Briefly say In the event that the criminal enters the store and the employee does not see it. not strange Because at that time, the store staff served all the customers and paid attention to what was in front of them. This is something that the restaurant has always emphasized on its employees. that what is in front of us is our responsibility Everyone must take care and do their job well. made during such a rhythm Employees are not able to see. that a villain has entered When I saw it again, it was when the villain was already in the shop. and is picking up something It’s like picking up gold to sell or pledge. But it appears that it is a gun and shoots into the sky causing employees and customers in the shop to run for their lives.

“Ask if the incident on that day is normal when someone dressed in a completely concealed manner walks into the mall and enters the store and causes an incident. which no one thinks is normal Because the villain has worn a robber into the mall which is something that shouldn’t have happened The security guards in front should be able to let customers take it off already.

However, when that happens It is necessary to discuss with the staff and the shopping center. In order to increase various measures to increase security, especially the reinforcement of steel cages. installation of safety glass or a safety door to prevent criminals

The shop is rented. in a standardized department store Usually, there is a security guard’s desk in the front area. But on the day of the incident, there was no security guard present. The renter is that the department store must pay more attention to this matter as well.”

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