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Thiruvananthapuram: Following the High Court order, the Kerala Police is watching the movie Churuli. The High Court had directed the police to investigate and file a report following a complaint that obscene language was used in the film. According to this, the police watch the movie.

ADGP Padmakumar, Thiruvananthapuram Rural SP Divya Gopinath and Thiruvananthapuram City Admin ACPA Naseem will watch the film to submit the report.

The committee was formed to examine the obscene words used in the film. The report prepared by them after watching the film will be handed over to the High Court.

A few days back, the High Court had directed the DGP to find out whether there was any violation of ‘Churuli’ directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery. The court voluntarily added the DGP to the case.

The Thrissur-based lawyer had filed a petition in the high court seeking the withdrawal of Churuli from the OTT platform Sony Live, saying it was unethical. The petitioner contends that cinema is an art form that influences society and that the dialogues in the film tarnish the image of women and children. Considering this petition, the court opined that the film does not appear to be a prima facie offense.

Cinema is the director’s freedom of expression. The court cannot interfere in it. The film is the work of a director. The director has artistic freedom. The High Court pointed out that freedom of expression is a constitutional right.

The High Court also referred to the controversial language used in the film.

How can the court ask for the use of Valluvanadan language or Kannur language in cinema? The people of the village may have used that language. The High Court can only examine whether there is any violation of law in the film. The High Court held that there were no such findings at present.

The plaintiffs allege that the Censor Board violated criminal procedure by granting permission to screen the film. But it was released in OTD without any movie theaters. Therefore, the court said that the film is not being shown to anyone under duress.

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