Police warn of “PDPA” law to protect personal information start tomorrow

31 May 2022 Pol Col Siriwat Deepor, Deputy Spokesman of the Royal Thai Police revealed that According to Pol. Gen. Suwat Chaengyodsuk, the police chief has a policy to Royal Thai Police Notify and publicize the people’s awareness of technological crimes. and has instructed the police to investigate and arrest the offenders and bring them to prosecute the law continually

with on June 1, 2022 Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 or known for short PDPA Law will be effective This law is intended to protect personal data from being used for other purposes. and to prevent Resolve the infringement problem And personal information that people may be worried about. However, the Royal Thai Police found that some people still lack understanding of the law. In addition, messages with discrepancies regarding PDPA Law Many such social media. causing confusion and misunderstanding of the publicPDPA Law such

Royal Thai Police I would like to reiterate the important issues related to PDPA Law as follows:

1. Inadvertently taking pictures or video clips that contain images of other people. and did not cause any damage to the person being photographed If used for personal purposes, it can be done.

2. Posting images or video clips with other people’s images on social media. If doing it for personal purposes Not for commercial profit and will not cause damage, can do

3. Installing CCTV inside the house No notification badge needed. If stuck for crime prevention and security

4. Making personal information to use Prior consent is not required in the following cases:
4.1. It is the performance of the contract.
4.2. It is a use that is authorized by law.
4.3. It is used to save lives. or a person’s body
4.4. It is used for statistical research.
4.5. It is for public use.
4.6. It is used to protect interests. or their rights

However, because PDPA Law is the new law that has just been enforced So there may be a detailed public relations. The practice of the said law will be added in the future.

The National Police Office Ask for people’s cooperation to refrain from forwarding information that is inaccurate about the said law. Because it may cause the bad people to use such misconceptions to seek unlawful benefits. and if people have doubts or want to inquire about The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 can follow news and ask for information via PDPC Thailand Facebook page


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