Police warn! Private sector, study the PDPA law well before it comes into force on 1 June. Oh my god.

Deputy spokesman for the police reiterated that private entrepreneurs to help study Personal Data Protection Act PDPA It will come into effect from 1 June.

Today (31 May) at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters, or Pol. Maj. Gen. Jirasan Kaewsang-ek, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police/spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police, along with Pol. Col. Krishna Pattanacharoen, deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police (deputy spokesman for the police), made a statement on the case. The Personal Data Protection Act PDPA will come into force on June 1, 2022.

Col. Krishna revealed that the privacy or personal information protection law will come into effect on June 1 as technology has adapted. causing more personal data breaches make the law protect privacy which can be civil or criminal prosecution Including agencies or stores that store information if the conditions are not met. prescribed or under the powers provided The owner of the information can take action with the agency or shop, such as the Application that records credit card numbers or personal information with names and surnames. date of birth by requiring the data subject to consent and build trust that the information that is used will be kept private which can only be used with the consent of the data subject In the case of the front camera The image is recorded if used for public benefit or for others. The law is intended to protect the individual. As an example of a food review in a restaurant If it disturbs another person and there was a request not to want to take pictures of himself Without consent, they look at the intention of whether they are damaged or not.

The deputy spokesman for the police warned law enforcement agencies to strictly look at the law and this Act. including private entrepreneurs where personal information is stored should study the law well and must strictly follow the law Because it is a law with criminal penalties and prison sentences in many parts. If you do not have a platform to allow the data subject to consent to the use of the data. You are definitely illegal. If you have consent to collect information and cause misrepresentation or commercial use without the owner’s consent. This part must be considered. This is the main intent of this Act.

picture Metropolitan Police Headquarters

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