Police: West Wife West Virginia goes after jumping out of Van On I-90

Police: West Wife West Virginia goes after jumping out of Van On I-90

His 27-year-old lady died just before Thanksgiving on a stretch of Jane Addams Tollway (I-90) in Rosemont after jumping from a vehicle, Illinois State Police said.

Emily Dawn Newton, Barboursville, WV, was in the front passenger seat of Chrysler Pacifica bank traveling east at the headquarters 76.75 at about 2:53 p.m. Wednesday (November 27) when she opened the door and jumped out of the vehicle, the police said.

She continued to trauma one of the effects on the road, but the vehicles did not meet her, according to the police. Rosemont paramedics brought her to a local hospital with threatened injuries before being pronounced dead at 12:05 p.m. Thursday (November 28) and her family around her.

The State Police of Illinois are still investigating the incident, labeled as “an investigation into non-criminal death.” T

“She had a lovely soul. She was a loving mother, daughter and sister, ”said GoFundMe's page founded by her family with Newton, including her mother, brothers and three daughters. “Each individual penny is equal. But no price can not replicate their lives. We only ask for help to get her home. ”

To date, $ 20 has been raised towards a $ 3,000 target to help cover the cost of cremation and to transport Newton's behavior back to his family.

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