Policing Investigation of Harm in High School Park in Westchester

Police are trying to track down a driver to deface a field at high school in Westchester.

Investigators at Scarsdale Police Department received a report of about 9 o'clock on Friday, 15 March, from a complainant who said that the park had been continuously damaged overnight.

The police said the grass on the practice field was damaged by an unknown driver across the road and damaged the grass on the traffic island located near the entrance to the new gym.

According to the police, the caller reported that the park had survived the previous day about 3 p.m. The damage consisted of tire marks made by an unknown vehicle driving over the curbs and entering the fields and the island.

There was no video or witness on the misleading criminal incident. The repairs to the area are estimated to cost about $ 2,500. The incident is still under investigation. Anyone with knowledge of the damaged area was asked to contact investigators at the Scarsdale Police Department by calling (914) 722-1200.

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