Policing led Minneapolis to suspicion of a bloody fingerprint

Policing led Minneapolis to suspicion of a bloody fingerprint

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The suspicion charged in the murder of a man who was found dead after trapping a fire in the Minneapolis south town was traced after he had left a bloody track at the scene.

Larry Foster, 66, was sentenced to a 2nd stage murder on the death of Daniel Bradley, 60, earlier this month.

Bradley's body was found following a fire in his house at 2633 13th Ave. S. in the early hours of Labor Day morning, but later the cause of death was the result of "complicated homicide violence."

Her throat was cut, and 100 bald and severe injuries were put against the criminal complaint against Foster.

In fees filed on Friday, police investigating the fire found blood on the rear door of Bradley's house, followed by a butcher's blood knife.

They followed the bloody track through a neighborhood yard, and then got prints on a picket fence "as if someone had caught him to jump out."

DNA testing and bloody fingerprints were then matched with Foster on 6 September.


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