Policing: Men with guns in Walmart Missouri did not break any laws

Two men with hand-held guns scared shoppers when they entered Walmart in the Kansas City area on Sunday, but the police say they were just buying ammunition for a target practice.

Kansas City, Missouri, Police Sgt. Jake Becchina says that the men were co-operative and released because they did not violate Missouri law.

Shopkeeper Clennon Jones said he saw the officers lying in the car park and one person jumped with a shotgun. Jones says that shoppers have broken out of the shop and warned others not to enter.

Missouri does not require permission to carry a firearm openly for those aged 19 or over. Walmart's shop does not prevent men entering guns in the shop.

Walmart officials did not immediately reply to your message.

Earlier this month, 22 people were killed during mass shooting at another Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Since then, several incidents occurred at Walmart stores around the country. Last week, prosecutors charged a 20-year-old man of a terrorist threat after he made Walmart, Missouri, Walmart spend wearing body armor, carrying a loaded rifle and handgun, and filming himself with a phone.


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