Polish scientists find genes double the risk of contracting COVID-19

Polish scientists have discovered a gene, a key factor that doubles the likelihood of contracting serious illness from COVID-19, behind age, sex and weight.

Today (14 Jan. 2525) foreign news agencies reported that Polish scientists Discovered genes that resulted in risk exposure The number of serious illnesses from COVID-19 has doubled by this type of gene. It is the fourth important factor after age, body weight and sex that will put people infected with COVID-19 at risk of becoming seriously ill.

A study that lasted more than a year and a half found that Poles had the gene. accounted for approximately 14 percent of the total population. About 8-9 percent of the European population has the gene, and about 27 percent of Indians have it.

such discovery It may allow doctors to identify patients at risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 in order to prepare appropriate treatment. And will also be able to use identification in this way. Persuading people to vaccinate against COVID-19 as well due to the past outbreaks in Eastern European countries This was partly due to hesitation in getting vaccinated.

source: Reuters




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