Political Correctness is Misunderstood as Feminism is Misunderstood – Ramesh Pisharadi

Ramesh Pisharati said that artistes should be very careful about joking and there is a limit to everything. He said Malayalees like materialistic and anachronistic jokes, but will not tolerate criticism of their own religion or political party.

Political correctness in jokes is essential. But he said that political correctness had become as misunderstood a word as feminism today. Ramesh Pisharadi was speaking at Mathrubhumi International Literary Festival.

” Everything has a limit and so does humor. There is a measure for the country, the individual, love and friendship. People are happy when they get the right amount. Sometimes it can get out of hand. An understanding of where to start and where to end is essential for an artist.

Political correctness in jokes is essential. “But I feel that political correctness is also misunderstood, just as people have misunderstood the word feminism,” he said.

During the discussion, he added that Malayalees love timeless jokes, but they cannot find all kinds of jokes funny.

“Malayalis are fond of physical and timeless jokes. But one thing that can be added to that is that Malayalees enjoy any joke. But we insist that it should not be about the religion I believe in, the political party, or my friends.

Malayalees have the attitude that I can tolerate anything else. The rest you can say about whoever you want, don’t touch here. Totalen’s feelings that are ready to be hurt will come down with him. It will hurt,” Pisharati said.

Content highlight : Pisharody Ramesh’s commentary on feminism and political correctness


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