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Politicians in trouble over ‘BTS’ Military Service Special Act’

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How to include pop culture artists and special subjects
It will be discussed at the National Defense Commission’s Legislative Review Subcommittee on the 25th.
So-called 1 person 贊, 1 person anti, 5 people cautious… negative outlook

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▲ BTS (BTS) performed with ‘butter’ after winning the Favorite Pop Duo/Group Award at the ‘2021 American Music Awards’ held at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, USA on the 21st (local time). He even won a favorite pop song and is posing at the press conference. AP Yonhap News

Should BTS be exempted from military service?

As BTS became the first Asian singer to receive the ‘Artist of the Year’ award at the American Music Awards (AMAs) on the 22nd, the issue of their military service is drawing attention again. This issue is difficult as it is a philosophical topic of whether to choose the efficiency of promoting national prestige or fairness and equity, not just the issue of military service for popular celebrities. It also adds complexity to the presidential election.

The National Assembly’s National Defense Committee is scheduled to discuss the amendment to the Military Service Act on the 25th at the subcommittee for the legislative review to include popular culture artists such as BTS as the subjects of transfer to art and sports personnel. First of all, the path to military service benefits will be opened only when the bill passes this second lieutenant, but for now, the negative air prevails.

The Seoul Shimbun on the 24th conducted a full investigation of seven members of the National Defense Commission’s bill review subcommittee. As a result, one lawmaker clearly supported the benefits of BTS’ military service, and one lawmaker opposed it. The remaining 5 people took a cautious position saying, “We need to discuss it,” but the nuances were read negatively.

“Considering the national contribution, it is fair to grant special military service in all fields, including fine arts and sports, as well as popular culture and arts,” said Seong Il-jong, the chairperson of the bill subcommittee and secretary of the National Defense Commission, who proposed this bill. It is rather unfair to not grant special military service exceptions.” On the other hand, Rep. Kim Byung-gi of the Democratic Party of Korea said, “The military service must be paid without exception.

Rep. Dong-min Dong, who is the secretary of the Democratic Party of the National Defense Committee, said, “We can discuss, but we cannot make a decision.” Representative Kang Dae-sik of People’s Strength said, “I tend to think positively about the fact that BTS has raised national dignity,” but said, “I will consider it carefully because other young people may have a sense of loss.”

The general public opinion is not overwhelming either side. In a poll conducted by Real Meter on behalf of TBS in October of last year, 58.8% of respondents supported and 31.4% opposed the postponement of military service by BTS. On the other hand, in a joint survey conducted by Embrain Public, CaseStat Research, Korea Research, and Korea Research in the same month, 46% of people in favor and 48% of people against the military service exception were strongly opposed.

Given this situation, both the ruling and opposition presidential candidates have no choice but to be cautious about this issue. This is because giving BTS military service benefits prematurely can lead to a vote for ‘Lee Dae-nam’ (a man in his 20s) who is sensitive to fairness. An official from the Military Manpower Administration also said in a phone call with the Seoul Shimbun that day, “It is necessary to carefully review with the relevant ministries considering the establishment of objective standards based on the national consensus and fairness in the incorporation of pop culture artists into art and sports personnel.” it was embarrassing

However, there are many opinions that the issue of military service benefits should be dealt with in accordance with the changing times. The problems with the current system were also revealed when the people, who were angry at this year’s Tokyo Olympic baseball team’s collapse, even filed a petition to the Blue House saying, “Even if you win a medal, you should not be given military service benefits.” It is also pointed out that it is discrimination to grant alternative service to those who win the classical music contest, but not to give benefits to pop culture artists.

In response to this point, an expert member of the National Defense Commission said, “There is a point that it is difficult to set objective standards for admission with public confidence and representativeness in the field of popular culture and arts, such as the Olympics and competitions.” On the other hand, in response to the objection that there are no credible indicators and objective standards, a popular culture official countered, “Compared to the Jeonju Daesupnori and the Seoul International Dance Competition, the Billboard Awards and the Grammy Awards are prestigious music awards that are recognized worldwide.” There is also an argument that e-sports and B-Boeing should reflect the trend of the times, such as being adopted as official sports from next year’s Hangzhou Asian Games and 2024 Paris Olympics, respectively.

A political official said, “Now that our country has entered an advanced country, it is necessary to put an end to the culture of forcibly exalting national prestige by leveraging special military service. did.

By Kang Yoon-hyuk and Park Ki-seok, staff reporters [email protected]

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