‘Politics is a race to own affluent cars’

Politics means money, rich and the competition to own cars and houses – Mokabbir Khan, a Member of Parliament of the Gano Forum, said that today politics is in the hands of looters. The economy is held hostage by syndicate traders. The sycophants around the Prime Minister are trying to take advantage and try. The current Awami League does not have the ethics and ideals of Bangabandhu.

He said this while participating in the discussion of the motion of thanks on the President’s speech at the Parliament meeting on Sunday (February 5). Speaker before this. The meeting of Parliament started under the chairmanship of Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury.

Mokabbir Khan said, “Whatever the strong and the weak may say, he is the only member of the real opposition in this parliament.” Those who are outside of this, they are actually all the coalition partners. Many of them were members of the Awami League cabinet and were hopeful of going to the cabinet in 2018 as well.’

Mokabbir Khan, referring to a part of the Prime Minister’s speech to the supplementary question in the Parliament on January 9, said, ‘The Prime Minister did not say the words with correct information. The Prime Minister said – I am trying to be strong in the opposition party. Talked about my second home, talked about my luxurious lifestyle.’

He said, ‘Present and former members of this parliament, bureaucrats, businessmen, politicians, many of them looted the money of Bangladesh and built Begumpara, second home, third home in different countries including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore. If you talk about this second home, you will see that snakes are coming out to dig earthworms. Then the Prime Minister may fall into an embarrassing situation, so I will not go there.’

This member said in the public forum that his second home in the UK is not a secret. Challenging the Prime Minister, he said that his second home was not made with any looted money or sale of ancestral land from Bangladesh. 40 years ago he became a house owner after doing business in England.

Commenting that many people in this parliament may have become owners of hundreds or thousands of crores of rupees by virtue of being MPs, Mokabbir Khan said that there may not be a single unfortunate MP like him in this parliament. No immovable property in Dhaka or Sylhet or anywhere in Bangladesh. Government did not apply for any flat or plot. Even though he bought a house in Uttara, he was forced to sell it financially after becoming an MP. Far from having a luxury car, the only member of Parliament who does not own a car. Had the opportunity to get a tax-free car but didn’t have that car and decided not to get the car. Because, it does not seem comfortable to his conscience, ethics. Moreover, he does not have that much money in the bank. He traveled in a rented car.

He said, Dr. Awami League in difficult times. Kamal Hossain served alongside Bangabandhu as a self-sacrificing worker. Today, those who have various facilities of the government. Criticizing Kamal Hossain, where were they that day? Starting from today’s Deputy Leader of the Parliament (Matia Chowdhury), many have agitated to destabilize Bangabandhu’s government.

Mokabbir Khan challenged and said that those who believe in the spirit of liberation war cannot go back to the constitution of 72 ideals of Bangabandhu. Because many people foam at the mouth about Bangabandhu but do not hold it in their hearts. One-Eleven has taught Awami League that if a bad time comes, many of the beneficiaries will not be found.

Acknowledging the current government’s development activities, he said, due to the post-Covid situation, Russia-Ukraine war, money laundering, government mismanagement in some places, widespread looting in the banking and financial sectors, commodity prices are beyond the reach of common people today. When you go to the market, there does not seem to be any government in the country. There is no trial for those who loot as they please.

Commenting that the middle class and lower-middle class are in the worst condition, he said, the standard of living of many is going down, and many are going below the poverty line. The government has given Nayya Mool cards to one crore low income people. There is serious mismanagement and corruption. 80% of these cards are given to party leaders and workers, there is abundant evidence. Even multiple cards are given to the same family. Poor people are not getting any benefits.

This MP of the Gano Forum said that dishonest syndicates are becoming active again in view of the month of Ramadan. A few days ago, gas and electricity prices were increased. Once again the price of electricity has to be increased. As a result, people’s voices will naturally increase. Corrupt, unscrupulous syndicates always capitalize on the voice of the people. I would request the Prime Minister to bring these top corrupt and looters under the law and make a tribunal and give the maximum sentence to some of the top corrupt looters. I can say for sure, corruption will reduce a lot. I hope you will consider the issues with the words of common people’s suffering in mind.

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