Pom Winit posted a fake rich fight free makeup trick Netizens flocked to comment

Ouch who?! Pom Winit, a famous makeup artist slap post rich fake free makeup trick Netizens Flooded with comments

There is something for white legs to work together again when suddenly Vinit Fort or Winit Boonchaisri Famous makeup artists of the Thai entertainment industry Came out to post a message that shocks the entire social media Revealing the behavior of rich people to cheat loose makeup Via Vinij Boonchaisri’s personal Facebook

with the hot-headed person unable to stand it I sang long furiously, “The first type of people, the ones who like to talk about how rich they are. eat and drink Tell him to fall a million a night, termites!!!! trick me into adding makeup for free and getting into the camera to take pictures Not a trip at all.”

“As for the latter, they never say they are rich. never boast but come hire and decorate at all Sell very well, good luck, bang, as for the first type of people, follow that. what are they doing Tired of fakers.”

Caused many netizens to comment, such assuffer ten billion words from my heart, mother today hit, the most true mother, very rich people do not have to talk too much, I like it, there are many fake people, wow! Pratap’s mother, ouch! very impressed etc. As for the fakes that show who they are, they will have to wait P’Pom Come and reveal it yourself.

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