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Ponjanathamma Number One, Peacock Winners

Monday, September 19, 2022 12:24 PM IST

Gothuruth: Gothuruth water festival with boats jumping in the dark Ponjanathamma number one and Mayilpeeli were the winners. Thantoniruth Para Thaniyan Cochin Town Boat Club in Grade Final After winning, Pojanathamma Ki Patur Yuvajana Kalasamiti. The style is hot. Peacock and Gotu Sattar Island Garuda Boat Club in Grade B Final Ruth beat GBC’s Goturuth boat to victory Th.
During the A grade final, she was hit by a rowboat that entered the track. Yan ran and crossed, leading to a brief confrontation. On the way back to Muthakunnam, another boat came across the track. As the boat capsizes, she runs and the oar slips, and Chilkar falls into the water. But no one will be hurt in the accident. Debate between the leaders and organizers of the Thanian Circle Along with the police, the boat that went to the track and the people in it were taken into custody. With this, the relaxation of martial law. Even if Ponjanathamma finishes, the match must be re-run. In the meantime, the organizers discussed with the captains of the two boats. Even if the competition is held again and again, Ponjanathamma will repeat the victory. 16 boats competed in two divisions.

Minister P. Rajiv inaugurated the water festival. Respect. Dr. Anthony Arakkal became president. KN Unnikrishnan MLA handed over the reins. Church of the Holy Cross Vicar Fr. Shiju blessed the stone track. Patron Vallamkali Aluva Masher 04 Management Jobs Consultant d Rector Martin Daniel said. Munambam DySP MK Murali awarded the trophy to the winners. Shaju Peter, Father. Shiju Kallarikkal, Paul Andipillikkaw, Sebi Prince Any Comment Regarding A folk tune from Kanimangalam Thaivamakkal was also performed at the Jalotsavam.

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