Home World Poo was surrounded by lava for 15 days. Hungry. Spain sent drones to drop food. Set up a plan to carry out – Fresh news

Poo was surrounded by lava for 15 days. Hungry. Spain sent drones to drop food. Set up a plan to carry out – Fresh news

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The dog was surrounded by lava. – News website Express reports behind the minute clips A drone surveys the area around the Kumbrebieja volcano spewing lava and ash. on La Palma Island Canary Islands, Spain, dogs found trapped in an area surrounded by lava until nothing to eat for 15 days

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The volcano first erupted on Sept. 19 and so far there is no sign of stopping. After the lava flooded over the houses. Until the Todogige area is under lava and ash. disappear from the map

In the meantime, drones use drones to capture images and data to assess the situation. Many dogs were found stranded on the ground surrounded by lava in El Pareso. There are 6 dogs attached.

Volcanic Life’s Eduardo Arcoña said the team sent a drone to look into it. Are there stray cats in the area? But it appears that the dog was found instead.

“The rescue operation started immediately. Because we know that they have been without water and food for 10-15 days and need to urgently send water and food to them,” Argoya said.

Volcanic Life organization and Ticom Soluziones SL, computer operators. Sent the drones to drop food and water for the six dogs for several days. Because it is a vehicle that can pass through ash and volcanic sedimentary rocks. while the ground is still surrounded by lava

The website INews reported that AeroCameras, a drone operator. Present a plan to help the dogs out. It is the first time to use a drone to save all dogs’ lives. After one had died

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AeroCameras team Revealed that the meat will lure the dogs to eat, then throw the net over the body and pull the dogs up one by one. The entire team will meet with the local government of the Canary Islands. to initiate such operations.

Jaime Pereira, AeroCameras CEO, said the planned dog rescue effort was unprecedented. and risk facing Spanish legal obstacles. that stipulates that it is illegal to carry a person or animal But the company insists that it will try to negotiate with the local government. Otherwise all the dogs will surely die.

Calls to save dogs from thousands and tens of thousands of people are spreading online around the world. After Ticom Release photos of dogs using drones carrying food and water to drop.

Pereira said the biggest obstacle to this aid was The sound of the drone Therefore, each dog must be caught at once.


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