Pool Villa Drama! Customer server insults each other after reporting 15 breaks, 30 people before drawing their swords – messing up the room

Pool Viral Rama Villa Pattaya Post the condition of the house is the most disturbed. After seeing a customer, they can wait 15 people, but actually come to 30 people, and they also make a loud noise. Eat what’s on sale, don’t pay, before you run away. Ready to reveal the hottest conversations with stingy customers, more than 70 pages long

Today (7 Nov) Facebook page “La Blanca Pattaya Pool Villa Pattaya” posted a parable after seeing a customer. who has fraudulent behavior and caused damage to the house by stating that “The latest customer work that came to wait I can tell you it’s a real headache. I told 15 people to wait, but it’s actually time There are 30 of loud people Sit and eat by the pool. not really playing in the water I didn’t really play music outside the house, but I came with 30 people Will the sound be soft? until the next door is called 2 times, called 2 times to warn before agreeing to enter the house The house said it would like to collect more than 500 baht per person, 15 people 7,500 baht and adjust the noise after 22.00 10,000 baht We have given customers to read everything about accommodation rules. The customer signs the acknowledgment before the stay and will hand over the 5,000 baht home insurance (each villa has all the rules and regulations). You should follow the rules)

Damaged property must be responsible The sofa is messed up. In the morning around 7:00 am, the customer packs up and escapes. Leave the door and gate open and go out, make many calls before answering. Called, there was always a voice. avoiding much responsibility All the sweetmeats the landlady had put up for sale were gone, and wine, beer and soda were all gone. The extension cord is still missing. This is stolen The cost of the ice that the lady of the house ordered to be bought was not paid.

Not right Call to say you can deduct the cleaning fee from the 5,000 house insurance. It’s just the snack fee The value you were taking has already been more than 5,000 baht. And the whole house is messed up like this. How much is the housekeeping fee? I was told that my head hurts a lot. If the noise is cut off or not modified, you should be responsible for the damage. (Do not post a signed photo to acknowledge the rules and regulations of the house. because there is a customer ID card)
PS How expensive are people wearing? But I can’t act like this. And all of them are very beautiful with beauty contrary to what they do and their words so much. “