Poonthurasi Raj; The public face of the coast | poonthura siraj; public face of the coast

Ampalathara: The popular face of the coast with the name Poonthura attached to it. Man Poonthurasi Raj. New party rights as stated by the Chief Minister in his condolence message A leader with a background in attention to security matters. That is why the new parties have lost a lot of money.

Look at the number of political parties in the proposed elections. The Secret Behind Gin’s Native Car Winning That’s it. He was able to carry the damage to the end of it. . Siraj Karuna, who entered the political arena of the Congress. He was known to be a partisan.

Secretary, Youth Congress, Thiruvananthapuram West Constituency General Worked for a long time in Rhea. Today, Poonthura Swadeshi is also a member of the CPI (M). When the mayor of Nantapuram became the mayor, he became the mayor of Poonthurai. Siraj was expelled from Congress for accepting Syama. .

The birth of the PDP during the Iowa period and the PDP of Siraj. And FIG. Siraj’s political stances at the right time Abdunna Sirma Adani also has the ability to master tactics. He was promoted to the post of Working Chairman of the PDP.

Today, Adni’s wife’s sister is getting stronger after getting married. Sirajka on the pretext of the second death of the PDP as a result. Ruta na yi. During his time in Madani’s prison, he led the party and its allies. Kansi Raj was able to take the Lord’s care forward. Siraj, who has been the city councilor for three terms. He has been the Secretary of the General Assembly of Poonthura Puthanpalli Jamaat for about two years. Sri Lanka was rich.

C. Raj, who won from Manikya Vilak Ward in 1995 as a PDP representative. In 2000, Ambala won from the ward. Later, he was expelled from the PDP and relocated to Yenki and Puthenpalli wards. The machine won the race. The term of office of the Councilor expires on transfer to the PDP. And resigned before.

The developments made by Councilor Rairike and Siraj are still in front of the Iowa wards today. ത ല്ക്കൂട്ട്. Later, Siraj Ernakulam entered the state politics. In the past tense and in the past tense of the Aruvikara Legislative Assembly He was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1996 and to the Legislative Assembly in 2016. He also contested as a PDP candidate in Ponnani.

He resigned from the PDP before the last proposed election. Siraj, who has joined the INL, has been declared a candidate in the Manika Vilak Ward. The CPI (M) also opposed the move. He returned to the PDP. He was also given the post of Vice Chairman. It is in the midst of this that cancer has left the world in its infancy. Th.



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