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[POP초점]If you don’t know, keep quiet Kim Sang-hyeok and ex-wife Song Da-ye → Public advice to malicious commenters

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[POP초점]”If you don’t know, keep quiet” Kim Sang-hyuk, ex-wife Song Da-ye and a verbal battle → public guidance to malicious commenters

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[헤럴드POP=김나율기자]While Kim Sang-hyeok, a former member of the group Click B, had a verbal battle with his ex-wife Song Da-ye, he pointed towards malicious commenters.

On the 25th, Kim Sang-hyuk captured and posted a comment left by a netizen on his Instagram account story. A netizen commented, “Live on your back, crawling like you’re dead. Why are you barking so immaturely without understanding the topic?”

Then Kim Sang-hyeok said, “Who is barking? Is it me or you? I was talking about the wrong report, but even if I correct the facts, do you bark? It’s very deceiving whether it’s something that happens to someone else or not,” he wrote.

The reason Kim Sang-hyeok captured the comments of malicious commenters and publicly pointed them out was because of the report with his divorced ex-wife, Song Daye.

Earlier, on the 23rd, Kim Sang-hyuk appeared on the web entertainment ‘Aedong Sindang’. Among the cast of ‘Aedong Sindang’, Kim Sang-hyuk saw marriage luck. Kim Sang-hyuk said, “I’m going to talk about personal pardon, but because of the other person, there are a lot of things that I keep silent about. I don’t want to say anything about that friend, either.

He also said, “He doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t want to talk, and he doesn’t want to insult him. I just want to think that it’s each other’s wrong choices.”

When Kim Sang-hyuk’s remarks became a hot topic, his ex-wife, Song Daye, left an angry message along with a gallery capture through her Instagram account.

Song Daye wrote, “It seems like you want to be an issue, will you reveal it as you want? Who is thinking of who and what you are talking about? If you mention it one more time, I will reveal it. Let’s not touch people who live quietly.”

In the captured version released by Song Daye, you can see the files titled ‘Recording File & Kakao Talk Capture’ and ‘Evidence Video’. Song Daye conveyed her uncomfortable feelings about being mentioned again.

In response, Kim Sang-hyuk said, “You don’t know what hamgu means? I never said anyone was wrong, and I just said that I didn’t want to say anything.” He posted a photo that captured the dictionary meaning of ‘Hamgu’.

Then, Kim Sang-hyuk said, “I don’t want to get attention or issues over this. You know that I don’t want to get attention while talking about sensitive things as gossip by attaching front and back stories, right?”

Kim Sang-hyuk’s attention is focused on malicious commenters after a verbal battle with Song Da-ye.
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