Pop again! “Not the plus lottery” claimed he didn’t know “Eddie-Pete”, the godfather of gambling websites

Arrest another “Not Kong Lottery Plus” pontoon, claiming he doesn’t know “Eddie Phannarong”, a major gambling and drug lord. Although he is used to take employees on charter holidays to complete activities and reviews Time and again, there is evidence that he used to open a holding company with “Pete Warit”, a former teenage star. A close substitute who has already fled from “Eddie” to England. Excluding photographs that clearly represent the same group
In the program “Talking about everything with Sonthi” on Friday, January 27, 2023, Mr. Sonthi Limthongkul, the founder of the newspaper Manager revealed more about the background of Mr. Panthawat Nakvisut or Not, CEO of Online Lottery Co., Ltd., owner of an online lottery sales platform. “Lotteri Plus” after being open for 2 weeks in a row and becoming a problem for various media, including social media, to expand the results.

On Saturday, January 21, 2023, Mr Chuvit Kamolwisit posted a message on Facebook. confirm what the item is “Talking about everything with Sonthi” was presented in part by Mr. Chuwit says that Nowadays gray business is growing. Develop a different form than before. traditional casino Day by day the number of customers is decreasing.
“Online gambling is more convenient. It can be played in many formats, 24 hours a day, so it is suitable for the new generation. And there are advertisements openly inviting “Net Idols”, so online gaming income is increasing.

“The biggest boss in Thailand is Eddie (real name Phannarong Khunpitak), who escaped from the arrest warrant to settle down and buy a hotel in central London. There are hotels spread across the north and south of Thailand.

“There is a sub called Peter (Waris) who is an old actor and another person called Jiao (Komson) used to work in a bank. Take care of financial matters

“Aum PSV who is in prison with his next wife Tanthai and continues Including many medium and small owners, such as Macau 888, who is famous from the ex-wife. Revenge against women is terrible. So I had to flee to London for a while. wait for silence

“Finally, Aum was captured by Big Kong. This police officer has not been cleared, and in DSI the officer with the abbreviation K. has not been cleared either. Currently, all online gambling groups have fled to settle in London. to see the direction of the wind.”

Mr Chuwit also said “The big problem with these people is So much money that I don’t know where to keep it. Therefore, money laundering must be sourced. First, you must use the nominative instead. and put in cash

“The current news is the Plus lottery section that the gambling websites are flocking to. As for “Not”, they won’t know. You have to ask Sonthi to reveal the deep knowledge There are billions of money from the gaming website to be circulated to the account.

That is the information that Mr. Chuvit reveals it. While Mr. Panthawat still traveling in Europe before returning to Thailand

Mr Sonthi said Mr did not escape. Pantawat. because he is not yet an accuser There is still plenty of time to prepare to fight money laundering cases linked to horse account gangs. and an online gambling website of “Mr. Fei”, a descendant of the godfather of gambling in the Pinklao area. He also had to explain to the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) about 39 other financial routes linked to Mr. Pantawat.
Catching a lie “Not” does not know the godfather of gambling sites “Eddie-Peter” to tell the truth?

Mr Sonthi continued after revealing the evidence about the relationship between Mr. Pantawat and Mr. Tanthai Narongkul, who was accused in the case of opening an online gambling website. Including the relationship between Mr. Pantawat and high-ranking police officers “Cyber ​​Headquarters”, admitted Mr. They thought they really knew each other. But how true and deep it is depends on how much you accept it.

However, on Monday, January 23, 2023, at Pantawat Mr. Come out to admit that you are familiar with Y Maj. Gen. Chatchapanthakan Kluai, or “Jae”, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police 1 or the Cyber ​​Police since 2021, including Mr. Surachat Kluai, the eldest son of Mr. Major General Chatchapanthakan and also gave Mr. Surachat to take stock And he was an executive of Lottery Online Co., Ltd., the owner of Lottery Plus Department, during the years 2021-2022 in the position of COO – Chief Operating Officer or Chief Operating Officer.

Sonthi said that Mr. Did Mr. Panthawat made a serious mistake in admitting that Mr. Surachat Klaik involved in Lottery Online Co., Ltd., as a shareholder and as a senior executive. This shows that Mr. Surachat had been involved in the transactions that Mr. Pantawat involved in the case of “Mr. Sutin”, a horse accounting business operator, and “Mr. Fei” or Mr. Attakarn Trakansakdikul, who was linked by DSI Associated with operating online gambling website business and bringing money to launder money through “Lotteri Plus” in August 2021 also or not?

In addition to the case of Mr. and cyber police Many people came out to reveal that Mr. Mae is related to someone called “Eddie” or Mr. Pannarong Khunpitak, the accused in a case involving a drug trafficking network and network major online gambling in the country. who is now fleeing abroad Linked to the networks of Tun Min Lat, a 53-year-old Burmese businessman who was arrested by Thai police in September 2022 with billions of baht in assets seized.
According to the information disclosed by Mr Chuwit, the “Eddie” network is one of the online gambling sites. Thailand’s biggest Who escaped the arrest warrant to settle down to buy a hotel in the center of London and “Eddie” Peter (Waris) alias has a former teen star, another person named Jiao (Komson) works in a bank before. Take care of financial matters

Mr Chuwit’s information is consistent with information from the “victim” Facebook page, which currently has around 140,000 followers, which identifies Eddie Phannarong, 45, and two of his subordinates called Mr Chiew (Khai Omelette) or Mr Komsan Rukkhapan , 38 years old (both are residents of Songkhla Province) and one of his subordinates is a former teenage star. his surname is known in business circles, that is Mr. Warit Limatiboon, or the name in the industry is Pete or Peter

Each is the head of the owner of a gambling website in Thailand with a turnover of ten thousand million baht. When an arrest warrant was issued for “Eddie”, he fled to London, England, where he was said to have bought a hotel business worth more than 9 billion baht in England

However, this may be a coincidence. As it is rumored that the reason why Mr. Pantawat to rest in England and Europe this time and claim he went to buy legos for his children and still hasn’t found them yet, hasn’t returned yet Perhaps one way would be to meet and talk to “Eddie Phannarong”, in as well as his close associates such as “Khaiew Komsan” and “Pete Warit”, who owns one of the largest gaming website networks in Thailand, which Mr Pantawat insists has categorically Denied that he ever knew “Eddie ” and the network.

In fact, Mr Pantawat had previously denied through the media. When asked about his relationship with an accused criminal fugitive as “Eddie Phannarong” whom he did not know personally In the detailed program around Thailand on the MCOT channel on January 5, 2023

In this regard, “Eddie” Phannarong is named as a director and holds at least 6 other business shares. In November 2022, Issara News Agency traveled to Contact for an interview with “Eddie” Pannarong at the address stated in the registration document for the establishment of the Blueker Group Co, Ltd where Mr Pannarong is a director and informs the Development Department Business, No. 246/5 ​​Soi. Ladprao 122 (Mahadthai 1), Phlapphla Subdistrict, Wang Thong Lang District Bangkok

upon arrival at the said address It was found that the location of a hotel called YOTAKA Group Hotel, but the reporters of Issara news agency did not find Mr. Eddie Pannarong in any way.

However, when it is a group of hotels, it means that there are many Yotaka hotels. and found that, when the team searched for information The most famous of the Yotaka chain hotels is Yotaka@Khanom, a luxury hotel located next to the beach in Khanom District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

That information is consistent with the information given by Mr. Chuvit Revealed on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, stating, “Eddie bought 3 hotels in Tachileik, bought 6 houses in Poipet, bought an apartment worth over 200 million baht, built a big hotel in Khanom. and bought a hotel in England for more than 9,000 million baht

“Later, Eddie went to buy the Allure casino from Senator Uppakit and at the same time he used the money to launder “N” because he knew him from his own division called Peter, an old star .

“N” is good at social media, Eddie and “N” work together to plan money laundering by selling lottery tickets. Of course, it has to go through a nominee account. and he must enter into a loan agreement Interest is paid, which is called according to law. “Law of law””

When the team searched for more information, it was found that In March 2022, Mr Pantawat led his team to do excursion activities for the whole resort at Yotaka Khanom. At the same time, Mr Pantawat also made a detailed review of this resort on YouTube on the lottery channel. along with stating that this is “The clip that makes it special” because this is the first review clip of CEO Not himself.

Mr Pantawat may deny that he does not know the owner, “Eddie” Phannarong, only going to arrange a resort to relax with the team. And seeing that it was beautiful, so I wanted to do a review in return for it on the YouTube channel. “Lottery Plus”

But there is another piece of evidence that Mr. Pantawat, apart from being an operator and shareholder, As well as Online Lottery Co., Ltd. openly, he is also a director of all 4 companies and a shareholder of 8 companies. 1 company was dissolved

The name of the company that Mr. Pantawat holds shares but has dissolved the business is Chase Games Company Limited, which was registered to establish the company on November 2, 2016 and dissolved the business on February 28, 2020. The purpose of establishment is to engage in information technology activities and services other computers

At the time of its establishment, the registered capital was 15 million baht, divided into 15,000 shares. There were 6 shareholders, with Mr Pantawat Nakvisut holding 1,050 shares, which is 7%.

An interesting point is that this Chase Games company has two shareholders who are directors, one is Mr. Chaiyapruek Boonprakob, and the other is Mr. Warit Limatiboon or Peter or Pete who comes ashamed of the news is that he is a close associate of “Eddie” Phannarong Khunpitak, the owner of an online gambling website network. one of the largest in Thailand with a drug related case Including money laundering and escape arrest warrants along with those close to foreign

“To summarize, when the information is like this, Eddie Pannarong, Por Peter, Jiao State, Nor Not will be the same gang or not? Let’s consider it.”

In addition, Mr. Sonthi revealed that There are also pictures sent by news sources. It’s an old photo from 2019. There are 3 people in the photo, from left to right, “Nid” Mr Pantawat Nakwisut “Khai Omelette” Mr Komsan Rukkhapan and “Eddie” Phannarong Khunpitak.

“Si Yum Puk is your name in the local language, they are very close. If there is any transaction together, it should not be surprising. Because they are all traveling on the same path,” said Mr Sonthi in the end.

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