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Pope entrusts pastoral visits from Hungary and Slovakia to the Virgin Mary-Vatican News

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Pope Francis, as usual, offered flowers and prayers to the Virgin on the eve of the pastoral visit. This pastoral visit took place from September 12th to 15th and went to Hungary and Slovakia, the center of Europe.

(Vatican News Network)Pope Francis went to the Basilica of Our Lady of Rome at 7 pm on September 10 to pray before the Mother of the Roman People’s Rescue. This is the Pope’s custom, entrusting the journey to the blessing of the Virgin before leaving the country. Therefore, just like the announcement in the Holy See’s press room, the moment of prayer is also a preparation for tomorrow’s pilgrimage. This visit started on September 12th and ended on Wednesday the 15th.

In the small chapel of Borghese, there is an icon of the Virgin embracing Jesus. The people of Rome always seek the help of the mother of rescue when they encounter difficulties. Pope Francis first put a bunch of flowers on the altar, and then prayed for a while.

Therefore, the Virgin will lead this 34th pastoral visit of the Apostles. It starts from the adoration to the Eucharist and ends with a call to the Virgin of Suffering. In fact, Pope Francis will arrive in Budapest early on Sunday, September 12, to attend the closing ceremony of the International Eucharist Congress. Then he will go to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, then to Prešov, Kosice, and finally to Shastin to celebrate mass in this national pilgrimage site for the Virgin. According to tradition, 250 years ago, believers dedicated the title of “Mary of the Seven Sorrows” to the Virgin Mary. After the event, Pope Francis will return to Rome in the early afternoon of September 15.

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