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Pope Francis and Jobidan met

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Vatican City: The world’s most powerful Catholic leaders met. US President Joe Biden meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican

The two renewed their friendship during a 90-minute meeting on Friday. It is now twice the length of Joe Biden ‘s first meetings with Pope John Paul II. President Biden thanked Pope Benedict XVI for advocating for the world’s poor and those suffering from hunger, conflict and persecution.

He praised Pope Francis’ leadership in the fight against the climate crisis and his argument for ensuring an end to the Kovid epidemic through vaccines. The White House said in a statement that sharing and equal global economic recovery are always welcome. First Lady Jill Biden also visited the Vatican. Seeing the Pope provide family comfort and ideological inspiration to a faithful president underscores his long public-private life.

The president’s vehicle was parked in an interior courtyard of the Vatican at noon local time, and the two exited the limo carrying the flag of the Holy See. They were greeted and received by Monsignor Leonardo Sapianza, head of the Papal Household, and other Vatican officials. The president and U.S. officials next attended a meeting with Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parole.

Biden was the 14th U.S. president to meet with the pope at the Vatican. The first such move was made in 1919 by President Woodrow Wilson. The Vatican has canceled a live broadcast of a meeting with Pope Biden following opposition from journalists.

Poverty, tackling the climate crisis, ending the Covid-19 pandemic, and many other issues have great thoughts with the President and Pope Francis. These are all very important and influential issues.

Biden met with John Paul II several times, beginning with a lengthy meeting at the Vatican in 1980 to discuss the consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Biden attended the meeting several times, including when Francis attended the installation in Rome in 2013 and went there for a medical summit three years later. Yet it was Francis’ visit to Washington in 2015 that led the two to new paths.

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