Pope Francis Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Família da Esperança’s Inspiring Service of Hope

Pope Appreciates Família da Esperança’s 40th Anniversary of Bringing Hope

In a momentous meeting on Friday, September 29, more than 1,200 members of the renowned organization Família da Esperança had the privilege of visiting the Pope. This significant event marked the 40th anniversary of their relentless service in spreading hope to the most vulnerable. During this encounter, the Pope sincerely expressed his gratitude for their inspiring efforts.

An Inspiring Call to Restore Hope

In his message to the Família da Esperança, the Pope emphasized the crucial importance of their mission to restore hope in the lives of those who have lost their way. Drawing from the words of the Gospel according to Matthew (25:35-36), he eloquently conveyed that Jesus himself identifies with those who are marginalized and suffering. He commended the Família da Esperança for their compassionate response to a young man’s plea for deliverance from the clutches of addiction.

Recognizing Christ in the Disheartened

The Pope emphasized the need for recognizing Christ’s presence in those who have lost hope. He applauded the Família da Esperança for their unwavering dedication to unconditionally love and support individuals trapped in vulnerable social circumstances. The Pope referred to the prevalent apathy in today’s world, echoing his earlier sentiments expressed in his renowned encyclical “Fratelli Tutti”. He lauded the Hope Family for their refusal to be indifferent towards the plight of young people, especially those entangled in the chains of substance abuse and other dependencies.

An Invitation to Be Neighbors and Brothers

Highlighting the Família da Esperança’s essential role as “neighbours” and “brothers” to those they encounter on the streets, the Pope urged them to accompany these individuals on their journey towards reclaiming their dignity. He stressed that spreading hope extends beyond helping individuals conquer evil and trauma. The Pope resolutely stated that true transformation lies in the process of repentance, discovering God, and actively participating in the life of the Church, as emphasized by Pope Benedict XVI during his influential visit to Guaratinguetá, Brazil, in 2007.

The Universality of the “Family of Hope”

Pope Francis celebrated the universality of the doctrine embodied by the “Family of Hope”. He emphasized that holistically caring for peoples’ physical and spiritual needs is a divine gift bestowed by the Holy Spirit. As the “Family of Hope” commemorated 40 years of tireless service, the Pope encouraged them to embrace this new era with humility, faith, and a steadfast commitment to spiritual communion. He expressed gratitude towards priests, seminary students, and consecrated individuals for their active engagement in various projects, including the renowned “Fazendas da Esperança” both in Brazil and abroad, and for their indispensable support in overcoming psychological challenges.

Blessed Mission with a Divine Blessing

Blessing the Família da Esperança and their sacred mission, the Pope humbly requested their prayers and invoked the guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary on their continued journey along the path of hope. Expressing admiration for their unwavering dedication, the Pope called upon them to persist in their mission with unwavering humility and unshakeable faith.

In this remarkable encounter, Pope Francis exemplified the essence of his papacy, advocating for love, compassion, and the restoration of hope. The Família da Esperança stands as a shining example of unwavering commitment, spreading light in a world that often feels overwhelmed by darkness.

On Friday, September 29, around 1,200 people from the organization Família da Esperança visited the Pope for the 40th anniversary. During his meeting with them, the Pope appreciated and expressed his heartfelt gratitude for their inspiring service of bringing hope to those in need.

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In his message, the Pope emphasized the importance of their call to give hope to those who have lost their way in life. Recalling the words from Matthew’s Gospel (25:35-36), the Pope noted that Jesus sees himself in those who are on the sidelines and suffering. The Pope reminded them that the Family of Hope, Família da Esperança, was born out of a compassionate response to a young man’s plea to overcome drugs.

Recognizing Christ in those who have lost hope, and unconditionally loving and supporting those in vulnerable social situations, the Pope said, the Pope referred to the apathy that exists in the world today, as stated in his epistle “Fratelli Tutti”. The Pope praised the Hope Family for not being indifferent to the plight of young people, especially those addicted to drugs and other addictions.

The Pope also pointed out that they are chosen to be “neighbours” and “brothers” to those who find them on the street, accompanying them on their path to regain their dignity. The Pope reminded us that spreading hope is not just about helping individuals overcome evil and trauma. Reintegration into society is undoubtedly a manifestation of the fruit of your efforts. However, the Pope reminded them of the words of Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Guaratinguetá, Brazil in 2007, that what attracts the most attention and confirms the authenticity of creation is repentance, the discovery of God and participation active in the life of the Church.

Pope Francis underlined the universality of the doctrine of the “family of hope”. Emphasizing that caring for people holistically, addressing physical and spiritual needs, is a gift from the Holy Spirit, the Pope encouraged the “Family of Hope” to embrace the new era with humility, faith and commitment to spiritual communion as they celebrate 40 years of service. The Pope thanked priests, seminary students and consecrated persons for their work in various projects, including the “Fazendas da Esperança” in Brazil and abroad, and for the support they provide to overcome psychological challenges.

Blessing the Família da Esperança and their mission, the Pope asked for their prayers and wished the Blessed Virgin Mary their continued journey along the path of hope. Appreciating their dedication, the Pope called on them to continue their mission with humility and faith.

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