Pope Francis has added 21 people to the cardinal’s team, two from India


Vatican City: Pope Francis has announced the elevation of 21 people to the rank of cardinal, including two archbishops from the Church of India. Of these, 16 are under the age of 80 who have the right to vote to elect a pope. This brings the total number of cardinals in the global church to 229. Of these, 131 have the right to vote. The inauguration will take place on August 27. Since Pope Francis took office in 2013, 101 people have been ordained cardinals.

Archbishop of Goa and Daman Philip Neri Ferao (69) and Archbishop Anthony Pula (61) of Hyderabad were elected to the Cardinal’s Congregation. Eight of the new cardinals are from Europe and six from Asia. Two from Africa, one from North America and four from Central and Latin America. It is noteworthy that the Asian countries of Mongolia, East Timor, Singapore and the Latin American country of Paraguay also received cardinals for the first time.

With the elevation of two more cardinals, the number of cardinals from India will increase to six. The current cardinals are Syro Malabar Major Archbishop Mar George Alencherry, Syro Malankara Major Archbishop Mar Baselios Clemis Catholica Bava, Bombay Archbishop Oswald Gracias and Ranchi Archbishop Emeritus Telesfour Topo.

Born on January 20, 1953 in Goa, Dr. Philip Neri Pharaoh was ordained Archbishop of Goa and Daman on March 21, 2003. He was born on November 15, 1961 in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Birth of Anthony Poole. In 2008 he became Bishop of Kurnool. In 2020, he was ordained Archbishop of Hyderabad. He was the first Goan to receive the title of Cardinal. Philip Neri Pharaoh. He is the first Telugu to receive the title of Cardinal. Anthony Poola.

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Other Cardinals:

1, Archbishop Arthur Roach (UK President of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Sacrament)

2, Archbishop Lazaro Yu Hyung Sik (South Korea – President of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith)

3, Archbishop Fernando Verghese Alsaga (Spain – Vatican Curia)

4, Archbishop Jean-Marc Evelyn (France)

5, Archbishop Leonardo Ulrich Soutiner (Brazil)

6, Archbishop Virgilio de Silva (East Timor)

7, Archbishop Paulo Cാർzar Costa (Brazil)

8, Archbishop William Go Seng Chai (Singapore)

9, Archbishop Adelberto Martinez Flores (Paraguay)

10, Archbishop Giorgio Marengo (Mongolia)

11, by Archbishop George Henry Carvajal (Colombia)

12, Archbishop Arigo Melio (Italy)

13, Bishop Peter Okpaleke (Nigeria)

14, Bishop Robert Walter McElroy (USA)

15, Bishop Oscar Cantoni (Italy)

16, Bishop Richard Cuia Bauber (Ghana)

17, Lucas van Louis, Bishop of Emeritus (Belgium)

18, prof. Dr. Janfranco Girlantha SJ. (Italy)

19, Mon. Fortunato Fresa (Italy)

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