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In Paul VI Hall, the Pope received three delegations from the cities of Italy, Sutrio, Rossello, and Guatemala, who presented spruce trees and two cribs for Christmas this year. The Pope invited them to reflect on the importance of silence, which helps us “get close to God”.

(Vatican News Network) in order to meet Jesus, one needs to come where he is, it is necessary to bend and bow to the stable where the Son of God was born. On December 3rd, Pope Francis received three Italian delegations from the cities of Sutrio, Rosello, and Guatemala in the Paul VI Hall, namely a spruce tree and two cribs. The first two cities presented Christmas trees and a manger, while Guatemala presented another manger, placed in Paul VI Hall.

The Pope began by expressing his gratitude for these Christmas gifts, especially to the carpenters, the young people and everyone who grew spruce trees who took part in this work. Then, the Pope drew attention to the fact that the Christmas tree and the manger are “symbols that continue to attract adults and children.” Like trees, people also need roots.

“Only a man rooted in fertile soil can stand firm, grow, ‘mature’ and withstand strong winds, a point of reference for those who look at him. But without a root, nothing is possible: without a firm It is important to be rooted in life and in faith. In this regard, the Apostle Paul reminds to be rooted in life in order to remain firm. He says that he is ‘rooted in Jesus Christ’ (cf. Col 2:7). a tree reminds us. Be rooted in Jesus Christ.”

The Pope then spoke about the manger, noting that it reminds us how God became man in order to be accessible to everyone. Through the manger we can discover the essence of Christmas. “The manger, in its innocent simplicity, helps us discover the true richness of Christmas and cleanses us of all aspects that pollute the Christmas landscape. Simple and close to you, the manger reminds us of a different Christmas to consumption and commercialisation, it’s another thing”.

“The manger reminds us how useful it is to watch silently and pray in days when we are often overwhelmed by impulsiveness. Silence helps to reflect on the Child Jesus, to connect with God, with the gentle simplicity of babies newborn, with the gentleness with which He lay there, and confirmed the intimacy that the tenderness of the swaddling clothes wrapped him.”

So the Pope invites everyone to be humble so that they can truly meet Jesus and discover him in the place where he was born. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. “If we really want to celebrate Christmas,” said the Pope, “we must look through the manger to discover the surprise and wonder of the small, small God. God made himself a small humble one, not born of the Outside.” splendor and wealth.” , but in the poverty of the stables.”

“In order to meet Jesus, someone needs to come to him, where he is; someone needs to bow down, be humble before him and let go of all vanity. To say a word of thanks in the presence of this free love, a prayer. The the best way is to thank Jesus for his desire to come to our homes, to come into our hearts.”

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